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How feedback and questioning contribute to the assessment process

how feedback and questioning contribute to the assessment process

Implementation Tools and Resources

Rhode Island / Delaware Instructional Materials Collaborative

Resources coming soon:

Accelerated Model Course Pathways - coming soon

NGSS Accelerated Model Course Pathways provide examples of how the NGSS can be tailored for accelerated students. Created by Advanced Placement teachers, these models are designed to help schools and districts to envision pathways for students intending to take advanced science courses in their junior year.

PEEC-Alignment will help developers and reviewers of instructional materials answer the question "do the materials contain or exhibit the essential features of a program aligned to the NGSS innovations?", and works together with the EQuIP rubric by providing criteria for full curriculum programs and textbooks. PEEC-Alignment is available for public review through July 1.

NGSS Model Content Frameworks - coming soon

To support educators and those developing curricula and instructional materials, the NGSS Model Content Frameworks will illustrate examples of how the NGSS could be organized over the course of the school year and across grade levels.

STEM Works - coming soon

This series of multimedia materials will provide case studies drawn from

leading industries nationwide to illustrate the science knowledge and skills needed for jobs in STEM fields. The series will underscore the value of a rigorous science education for all students, regardless of their path after high school.

State of Science Education Research - coming soon

The State of Science Education Research will present key findings on current state graduation requirements, course taking patterns, post-secondary institutions' course requirements for general entry and  for entry into STEM-specific programs, and national job prospects in STEM fields. This research is designed to help inform and guide discussions about science education in the states.

NGSS Data Portal - coming soon

The NGSS data portal will let users search and view the NGSS to meet their individual needs for display on computers and mobile devices. This flexible resource will eventually allow users to tag and share resources.

Alignment Institutes - coming soon

Alignment Institutes will provide opportunities for K-12 and postsecondary educators to review the NGSS and discuss ideas for ensuring that the knowledge and skills learned in high school science courses will adequately prepare students for success in postsecondary education and careers.

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