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Opening Doors

Opening Doors

Opening Doors, as Amended in 2015

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Presented to the Office of the President and Congress on June 22, 2010, Opening Doors is the nation’s first comprehensive Federal strategy to prevent and end homelessness. The Plan includes 10 objectives, five themes, and 66 strategies that guide the nation toward accomplishing all four goals of the Plan. Opening Doors serves as a roadmap for coordinated, joint action among the 19 USICH member agencies that make up the Council, along with local and state partners in the public and private sectors.

In June of 2015, Opening Doors was amended to reaffirm the strategies that continue to prove effective in preventing and ending homelessness and add additional strategies that we have learned in the last

five years are critical to success. The 2015 Amendment encompasses much of the original Plan, but with some additions and clarifications that further strengthen its value as a living blueprint for action.

  • Updating the timing of the goal of ending chronic homelessness from 2015 to 2017, which reflects the need for additional resources to achieve this goal nationally
  • Clarifying the role of Medicaid in financing services in permanent supportive housing. including the impact of the Supreme Court ruling on Medicaid expansion as a State decision
  • Providing clearer guidance and adding new strategies to support the retooling of homelessness programs into effective crisis response systems
  • Adding emphasis on the uses of data in decision-making and performance management to prevent and end homelessness

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