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How long can you get unemployment compensation

how long can you get unemployment compensation

How can New Jersey unemployment benefits be extended?

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If a claimant fails to make a claim for unemployment benefits as instructed, he does not receive benefits for that week. To calculate the benefit, add 20 percent more than the full weekly benefit and subtract any earnings from part-time work. For example, if the full benefit is $100 but $50 was earned through work, start by adding 20 percent to the benefit amount for a total of $120, then subtract $50 in earnings. In this example, the partial benefit for the week would total $70. Full unemployment benefits may be awarded up to 60 percent of regular wages, up to $611, as of 2012.

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What are some facts about receiving unemployment in Wisconsin?

Qualifying individuals in Wisconsin can receive unemployment benefits through Wisconsin's Department of Workforce Development. The department's website provides comprehensive information on unemployment benefits, including benefit application, payment options, filing a claim and general benefit

information. A collection of unemployment insurance forms and publications is also available.

If I quit my job, can I get unemployment?

Although laws vary by state, people usually can only get unemployment if they quit their jobs because of a cause like constructive discharge, domestic violence or health issues, notes Nolo. There are also things that can disqualify eligible former employees from receiving unemployment, such as misconduct on or off the job, being offered severance, doing freelance work on the side or being involved in fraud, warns Forbes.

How can you continue a claim for unemployment benefits in New Jersey?

Continue to claim unemployment benefits in New Jersey by phone or online, according to the State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. To receive your benefits, you must certify your claim once a week or once every two weeks depending on your plan.

How do you file for an extension for unemployment insurance in New Jersey?

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