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The Riddler (Arkhamverse)

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"Are you ready for some more? Explore! Find my challenges. And when you fail to solve them and lie blubbering like an ignorant child on the floor, you will know that The Riddler. is better than you. " ―The Riddler to Batman [src]

Edward Nigma is a man who has spent a vast amount of his life studying, exploring and memorizing all the knowledge he possibly could. Being raised by abusive and neglectful parents, he strived to be the most intelligent man alive. His parents (primarily his father) refused to believe he could ever become smarter than them, often accusing him of cheating whenever he succeeded in school academics or trivial games. This may have been what caused his inferiority complex to become so deep that he feels compelled to always leave cryptic clues to anyone worthy of his games in an attempt to prove both his honesty and his intellect initially taking on the moniker of Enigma.

As The Riddler. Nigma contacts Batman via radio and gives him the task of completing 240 "Riddler Challenges" spread across Arkham Island.

Desiring to outsmart and humiliate Batman before killing him, Riddler makes it his top priority to come up with a puzzle that not even the Dark Knight Detective can solve. Within Arkham City. Riddler has set up hundreds of riddles and death traps for Batman, abducting a massive amount of innocent people to be used as bait in his traps. Watching everything from his newly formed base of operations within the prison, Riddler hopes to finally watch Batman fail to solve his puzzles and rescue the innocents caught up in them.



With an obsessive need for attention, Edward Nigma is determined to be the most outlandish of Gotham City's criminals, concocting elaborate series of clues and riddles around his crimes. Batman has proven a worthy opponent, capable of deducing the Riddler's plans, but Nigma is dedicated to creating a mystery the Dark Knight will not be able to solve in time.


  • Genius intellect
  • Driven by a need to test his wits against law enforcement by leaving clues to his planned crimes
  • Compulsive need for attention

Batman: Arkham Origins

"Think of me as an information broker. I've got data handlers everywhere - feeding me all kinds of interesting stuff! " ― Enigma [src]

Enigma belittling the Dark Knight.

The mysterious stranger known only as Enigma first catches the Dark Knight 's attention when he notices a disturbance in his cryptographic sequencer, leading him to a GCR comm link tower with a booby-trapped mainframe. After piecing together a crime scene that involved the death of a maintenance employee. the Dark Knight becomes acquainted with the computer hacker who would one day be known as the Riddler. Enigma also had the man he hired to rig the mainframe access panel, John F. Baker. killed at the Diamond District to clean any traces of his involvement.

Although at first the Dark Knight suspects the hacker to just be another crook on Black Mask's payroll and, while the hacker is indeed aiding Black Mask's schemes (though he is intially unaware that it was actually the Joker who hired him, disguised as the crime lord), it is soon discovered that Enigma has plans of his own. By using a variety of methods, Enigma has been able to obtain massive amounts of blackmail on Gotham's most powerful citizens, planning to release the information to the public in order to inspire chaos in the streets.

Dismissing the Dark Knight's attempt to stop him as a minor inconvenience, Enigma continued to taunt Batman as he attempted to disrupt all the radio towers, but eventually Batman succeeded. Finally, after destroying all relays, interrogating all informants and collecting all the data packs, Batman came back to Enigma's HQ and destroyed his server. Enigma accepted temporary defeat, while claiming that he now holds onto the biggest, dirtiest secret that puts his collection of data to shame. Batman later unlocked Enigma's secret room, which revealed several items of interest: newspaper clips indicating Enigma's research on the Batman's identity (with the two main suspects being Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent), pressure pads, cages, and one green glowing question mark that would later be referred to as the Riddler Trophy.

It is later revealed by Alfred that Enigma's real name is Edward Nashton, head of the GCPD's Cyber Crime division, explaining how he had so much access to the city's communications network and the extortion data he planned to release. With this knowledge in hand, Batman is prepared to apprehend Edward, who has since gone on the run, the second he resurfaces.

A coded message within the GCPD server and telecom rooms reveal that Nashton had only recently joined the organization as its Cyber Crime Division head, revealing that he had joined the GCPD simply to gain inside information through his newly acquired access to the entire city's infrastructure and files, which would eventually be used as extortion data on all of Gotham.

Cold Cold Heart

The next day, just as Mayor Hamilton Hill was about to make Peter Grogan Loeb's replacement for GCPD commissioner, envelopes from an anonymous individual were supplied to various media outlets containing evidence strongly implicating Hill and Grogan for ties with the Maroni Crime Family. It is strongly implied that Enigma had been responsible for exposing Hill's corrupt nature and the ensuing six-day protests as his "biggest, dirtiest secret."

On New Year's Day, Mayor Hill eventually ended up resigning in disgrace from office, although he had not ruled out a possible attempt at re-election during the new year. Regardless of whether he'll run for office or not, his resignation meant Grogan would not become commissioner.

This meant that, ironically enough, Enigma's plans had a profoundly positive effect on Gotham City as they finally revealed the corruption and conspiracy within Gotham's infrastructure and allowed the public access to the knowledge and evidence they needed to force their corrupt public officials out of office and appoint more ethical and noble individuals instead. Whether or not this was Engima's intentions is unknown, though his previous statements of wanting chaos in the streets seem to make it unlikely, given that the resolution to Hill's resignation ended on relatively peaceful terms, despite nearly a week of protests, and not the destruction Enigma had envisioned.

Batman: Assault on Arkham

At some point, he managed to be recruited into the Suicide Squad, which resulted in him learning about the explosives as well as how to deactivate them. The Riddler had been involved in The Joker's theft of a dirty bomb with enough power to wipe out more than half of Gotham should it go off. Sometime afterwards, he managed to steal data relating to the Suicide Squad. He then entered a communication with Director Amanda Waller where he attempted to prove his superiority by giving her riddles for her to solve. However, unbeknownst to him, Waller had deliberately contacted him in order to stall him long enough to get a pinpoint on the location of his hideout in the Gotham docks and have him taken out in a black ops operation by A.R.G.U.S. However, he was rescued by Batman from his would-be assassins, and then captured and interrogated by Batman himself as he tried to escape in the confusion, due to Batman trying to track down Joker's dirty bomb. However, the Riddler doesn't know where it was located, so he was then sent to Arkham Asylum. The failure of the black ops mission resulted in Waller sending in the Suicide Squad to recover data from the Riddler and presumably assassinate him.

He eventually encountered the Suicide Squad, who had been dispatched with recovering the data of the Suicide Squad members, although he managed to help them with getting rid of their explosive bombs by shorting them out via electrotherapy. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to save King Shark from his explosive because his skin proved to be too tough to actually short out the bomb encased inside him. He also deduced that "Black Spider" was actually Batman in disguise, although he accidentally set off the electrotherapy voltage again after Batman shot a batarang into his arm. He managed to escape into the night after the Joker released the various Arkham inmates, taking advantage of the confusion.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

The Riddler was one of the many inmates who escaped Arkham Asylum after the Joker took control of the island. The Riddler made his way to a hidden location in Gotham City and contacted Batman by hacking into the communication signal the Dark Knight used to contact Oracle. In order to boast his superior intellect, the Riddler had organized a series of riddles around the island, ranging from a number of small trophies hidden in out-of-the-way spots to elaborate perspective puzzles. After escaping, he challenged Batman to find these, along with the additional challenge of solving riddles that described specific objects in various rooms.

The Riddler sending Batman a riddle via his communications system as he enters a room.

Batman steadily solved every riddle, with the Riddler boasting his superiority to begin with but slowly becoming more enraged with Batman. Before solving the last few riddles, Batman located the Riddler's signal and notified the police of his whereabouts. After solving his final riddle, the Riddler began to implement Gotham's "greatest riddle." But before he could do so, the GCPD broke into his hideout on 225 O'Neil Avenue in Old Gotham. The police arrive there and arrest Riddler as he quotes to Batman that he cheated on his riddles. Riddler question marks in Dr. Young's book are found on his page and many villains' pages. He saw the book and wanted to know about a professional's viewpoint on the inmates. Some might be easy to manipulate or great allies to have in his eyes.

After Arkham

Riddler is ready to play in Arkham City.

After being captured by the authorities in Arkham Asylum the Riddler was placed back into his usual holding cell. Not long after he is seen meeting with the Broker to discuss the location of the Riddlers new hideout, which is somewhere in the currently unopened Arkham City limits. Using Poison Ivy's aid, the Riddler manages a miraculous escape and immediately proceeds to his new headquarters which is complete with a custom monitoring surveillance system that allows the Riddler to watch several unfortunate victims be "tested" through his vicious death traps.

Later, Nigma attended Two-Face's trial against the Joker as a juror, voting the clown guilty, claiming that the clown "was neither mad nor genius- just utterly disappointing." Sometime later, Riddler allied with Black Mask and helped him in his escape plans, which immediately failed.

Riddler was also briefly mentioned by Hugo Strange. He states that his delusions of grandure and obsessive riddle compulsion continues to rule his every move. It also revealed his appearance: messy brown hair with glasses, green eyes and fingerless gloves with a question mark He is also wearing his signature green business suit with yellow question marks and on occasion his green bowler hat.

Batman: Arkham City

After Batman is imprisoned in Arkham City, Riddler kidnapped the prison medical staff  and used them as hostages in his elaborate death traps and puzzles around the city, in addition to leaving over 400 secrets in the city that can only be revealed through interrogating his gang. By kidnapping MPT Eddie Burlow and forcing him to allow his men to kidnap the staff under the threat of murdering them, Riddler was able to formulate his challenge, lastly arranging for one of his agents to bring Burlow to the Solomon Courthouse to be executed. He also gave each of his hostages, barring the final victim, Anne Bishop, frequencies to his "Engima Machine" (which was given to Burlow) that would ultimately reveal to Batman the location of each hostage room.

Setting up a total of six different hostage rooms, Riddler forced Batman to participate in his complicated obstacle course-esque challenges and, should the Bat fail, would allow Riddler to execute the doctors. After Batman saved each hostage, he discovered Bishop lacked the Enigma frequency, revealing that Riddler was forced to retreat and keep the rest of his victims until he could compose more elaborate puzzles for the Dark Knight in his hideout.

There, Nigma strapped his remaining hostages, including MPT Aaron Cash, to explosive helmets that would immediately detonate should they stop walking in a circle. With Oracle's help, Batman was able to locate Riddler's hideout, where he grabbed the Riddler from the wooden floor above and, after freeing the rest of the hostages, forced Riddler to walk, as well as leading him to believe the explosives on the helmet were still active. After deciding it was enough torture, Cash and the medical staff returned with Nigma in tow to the Cathedral, where Riddler was detained in a makeshift prison alongside Bane until Gordon's forces were able to evacuate the safe zone.

It can be assumed that after the evacuation and shut down of Arkham City, Riddler was placed in temporary holding cells while Arkham Asylum was refurbished for opening.

On July 23, 2011, posted a message on their Twitter page saying "Arkham City viral has started at Comic-Con. Code I f n W C O g 2 D 5k is for a website. crack it! #sdcc".

The First Audio Recording

bothered by headaches and pain. Strange tells him not to worry, to take his medications and hypnotically suggests that Sharp get some sleep. After hanging up, Strange's communications are hacked by the Riddler. After exchanging some banter, Riddler challenges Strange to a game by asking him "How do you attempt to understand what's going on in Arkham City, when all of the answers are STRANGE ". The audio file then cuts off.

In the description of the video, there was a message left behind saying "(1)Can (5)you (26)defeat (20)a (_)mind (21)such (7)as (5)mine(7)(5)(7)?" - #EN

Once the code was cracked, another audio file was discovered. This time, the audio file was a patient interview between Penguin and Strange. At first, Penguin was reluctant to talk, saying that he owns Arkham City, but Strange retorts by saying that he allows Penguin certain freedoms. He then asks Penguin why he feels the need to own anything, believing it to be a mechanism to compensate for some childhood inadequicy. He also asks him about being friends with the Waynes. Penguin says he was friends with the Waynes "until someone did the world a favor and blew the brains out of little Wayne's self-rightous parents." He goes on to say that after the Waynes' death, he was laughing for weeks, and that it still brings a smile to his face. Strange asks hi

The Second Audio Tape

m if he really thinks that's okay, and Penguin laughs and calls it hysterical. He says that the Waynes destroyed his family, and that what happened to them couldn't have happened to nicer people. Then the audio tape cuts off.

In the description for the video, a message was left that said "How do you protect yourself when its raining bullets" -#EN. This is a riddle within Arkham City, inside the Penguin's "Iceberg Lounge". The official Arkham City News Twitter retweeted someone else's tweet saying "When its raining bullets, you protect yourself with an umbrella." #EN, which is the answer to the riddle. As of September 4, 2011, the clues in the descriptions for both videos have been removed.

Then, on August 24, 2011, the official Xbox Twitter and Facebook profile pictures were changed to images of the Riddler. Later, the Xbox Twitter tweeted a message saying

"Has your primitive brain given up and accepted that I, the Riddler, am better than you? - #EN"

Later, another message was posted saying "S(1M), sh(_BE)ll w(e) (UCe)egin(9U)? - #EN".

Once the clue was decoded, it led to another interview session, this time with Strange and Joker. After taunting/threatening a guard, Strange comes in and orders Joker to stop. After introducing himself, Strange asks for Joker's name. Joker taunts Strange, claiming to be Two-Face, Catwoman, and Batman. Strange offers

The Third, and so far Final Audio Tape

Joker an opportunity to make a deal, saying that he is fully aware of Joker's condition, and that he does not have much time left. However, Strange says he can make his final days more comfortable. Joker asks what Strange wants in return, and Strange says that that he wants to study Joker, and figure out why he is the way he is. Joker responds by saying he doesn't have much time left, and that Strange needs more than just "psycho mumbo-jumbo" to get to the bottom of what's wrong with that. Strange says that he has much more than that and asks him if the two have a deal. The audio tape cuts off before Joker gives his reply.

There was no clue left in the description of the video. Whether or not that means there are any other secret audio tapes has yet to be confirmed.

Pre-Arkham Knight

Riddler ended up being among those released by the government into the streets as compensation after the illegal and unethical nature of Arkham City was exposed to the public and the ensuing scandal. Commissioner Gordon protested this decision as Riddler was insane and should not be let onto the streets, but was ultimately forced to comply to the judge's ruling.

Afterwards, he managed to purchase the Gotham Sewers, and during this time he also attempted to emulate various watchgroups who expose stuff against "White Knights" by giving details of what Batman did to him, only for this to backfire horribly by receiving a string of hateful emails in response. It got so bad he initially attempted to yank out the motherboard of the computer, only to suffer from electrical burns as a result, and eventually planned to find a hammer to destroy the computer. The only reason he didn't was because an email came in stating his purchase of the Gotham Sewer system was accepted, to his satisfaction. He also began working on death traps near the train station, and also placed a plant in the GCPD while placing Riddler trophies throughout Gotham.

He later participated in a meeting with Gotham's top criminal kingpins (Penguin, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn) held by Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight regarding killing the Batman. Scarecrow during the meeting then lured Riddler away for reasons Riddler deduced was so the former could appeal to the latter's ego, with Riddler denying he even had one. Scarecrow then explained to Riddler they had a mutual foe, and requested that he try and orchestrate a plan with them, with the implication that doing it alone may result in Riddler failing against the Dark Knight. Riddler then stated that "maybe, just maybe, if [Scarecrow's] lucky, [Riddler] will coincidentally put [his] entirely separate and superior masterplan into effect" if Scarecrow tells him the day his plan will occur.

To this end, he needed bait for his plan. He then called Selena Kyle, aka, Catwoman, under the pretense of requesting a job for her to do. However, largely because of his preening egotistical delivery and Catwoman being reluctant to do a job for a "insecure little power-mad man child", Riddler had difficulty getting her to agree, eventually resorting to granting her request for information on the plot to kill Batman in exchange for doing her job.

He then is working on one of his Riddler Robots, although he seemingly couldn't get it to work. However, this was actually a ruse to Catwoman in order to ensure she bought the claim that he needed batteries for the robots, either Stagg Enterprise's Nimbus tech or an equivalent from Wayne Enterprises. When "showing" her the battery, he then revealed the truth that she was to act as bait for Batman, as he had deduced their "base" relationship to each other, though Catwoman warned him that she may exact revenge on him when this was over.

Batman: Arkham Knight

"Why hello there, detective. Yes, it's me, your most feared nemesis, the Riddler! Congratulations are in order! For you have arrived early for this - the next generation of my Riddles. I'm afraid the full particulars of my plan will have to remain unannounced, for the time being, but I see no harm in rewarding the harmless little glimmer of initiative you have shown with a sneak peek, a preview if you will, of the kind of conundrum I have in store. " ―The Riddler [src]

The Riddler makes his first appearance just after Batman re-enables the bridge controls to save Oracle. He appears on the triple screen T.Vs next to the train station and shows Catwoman being held hostage in a wheelchair. He welcomes himself to the Dark Knight and goes on to explain how Batman humiliated him after their last 'meeting' (referring to Arkham City). He expresses how Batman will not defeat him this time as it is 'impossible'. He tells Batman to come to the Pinky Orphanage, where Catwoman is being held, or she will die. Left with no choice, Batman Heads to the Orphanage to rescue Catwoman.

After Batman removes Catwoman from the wheelchair in the main room of the Orphanage, he appears on a big T.V and 'introduces' his assistants to Batman & Catwoman: Robots. After Batman and Catwoman work together to defeat the robots, The Riddler explains that Catwoman has a collar on her neck, that requires 9 keys to unlock, but in order to collect the keys Batman must face a series of challenges in order to do so. The Riddler also explains that Catwoman cannot leave the orphanage without the collar, thus it is up to Batman to save her.

As Batman completes The Riddler's challenges to free Catwoman of the collar he constantly reappears on the screens around Gotham city, boasting about how he is superior to Batman and that he will never win.

After Batman and Catwoman work together to remove all 9 keys on Catwoman's collar; the two of them head for the exit of the orphanage but the Riddler himself appears in the main room, in a green giant mechanical robot. He fights Batman and Catwoman for a few moments but vanishes under the ground and tells Batman that in order for him to fight the Riddler, he must solve every Riddle in Gotham City.

As Batman comes close to solving last of Nigma's riddles, Nigma becomes increasingly shocked and frustrated. He nevertheless, boasts about how he is ready to fight Batman and will beat him once and for all.

When Batman solves the final riddle, Nigma congratulates him, and Batman confronts him at the Pinky orphanage. The Riddler, in his robot, rises up from the main rooms floor, in a green shield ready to fight Batman.

The Riddler summons many robots to attack Batman. Batman destroys most of them with ease, but many of them are color coded only to Catwoman, meaning he cannot defeat them all. Catwoman then appears on top of a beam in the main room and jumps down to help Batman defeat the robots, much to Nigma's dismay.

After Batman and Catwoman, destroy each round of robots, Batman grabs Nigma from his robot and knocks him out of the floor. Knocked unconscious, Batman drags the Riddler into the Batmobile to take him to the GCPD. Batman explains to Catwoman his plan, (Knightfall) they share a kiss and depart. While Batman is driving Nigma to the GCPD, Nigma is frustrated and accuses Batman of cheating the whole time, claiming that Batman having Catwoman's help wasn't part of the rules for their final fight, and responding to Batman's observation that putting him in an impossible fight was hardly playing fair by arguing that Batman deserved to lose if he couldn't hack the robots' operating systems mid-combat.

After Batman locks him up in the Maximum Security Cell along with all the other villains, he refuses to believe Batman is Bruce Wayne (either because he was jealous of the Scarecrow for unmasking Batman to the rest of the world first or because he refuses to be wrong in his theory that "no one is that selfless", due to his past theory that Batman funded himself using money stolen from his enemies) and complains how he is surrounded by inferior minds. Nevertheless, he remains in the maximum security cell, under close watch from the GCPD guards.

Arkham Origins Challenges

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