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How much does your gas and electricity cost per month at the moment?

how much would house payment be

mia d(8) said: 08-01-10 18:28

How much does your gas and electricity cost per month at the moment?

Hi, as the title says, I was just wondering how much your gas and electric bills are on average atm?

I've never had gas before and was quite suprised when I just called E.ON to check how much we had spent since we moved in and since 23rd November 09 we have used almost Ј150!

gas and electric costs

Originally Posted by claire a(306)

we are on a meter for both gas and elec, we are spending about Ј7 on elec a week and Ј 8-9 for our gas. we had a gas man out a few weeks ago and he advised having the heat on 24/7

but on a low heat. i know for a fact this is working out cheaper as this time last year we were paying nearly double for gas.

Hi. when you say a low heat do you mean on the boiler or turn the radiators down lower. we have a 3 bed end terrace DG, currently using about 25 pound a wk gas - only on heating and H/water everything else electric. and 20 a wk electric which i think is alot. we only have the heating on for a few hours a day mostly of a night to warm the bedrooms and then just have the elec fire on of a night when watching tv!

Ive heard about having heating on 24/7 but never been sure about it. what does everyone else think??

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