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Being 'an appointee'-what does it mean?

atm what does it mean

spencer69 said: 12-19-2013 06:16 PM

Being 'an appointee'-what does it mean?

Hi to all and hoping some can advise further. This post simply relates to a neighbour. Due to his Mothers health deterioration and welfare rights advising them that his Mother should apply for Attendance Allowance (due to the fact she needs bilateral knee replacements and also has memory problems-she is being assessed for early onset alzheimers/dementia).

A lady did a home visit whilst they were present, and once AA form completed, she requested that he (the son) sign, as appointee, on behalf of his Mother. They already deal with her post in general, medical appointments and diary, as well as assisting in other ways, as do other members of their family.

However, having read a couple of points of ‘becoming an appointee’ they have now become a little concerned!

They were under the impression they would be dealing with the correspondence relating to AA application and obviously having to explain contents of letters to his Mother, which is

not a problem. However, after having read a number of posts on the internet they feel that there maybe more to being ‘an appointee’.

They are also concerned that this could be a double edge sword as it may have an impact on their benefits-he is on DLA MRC and ESA (support group) and his partner is his carer. It is he who has signed on behalf of his mother.

I, personally, have never come across ‘being an appointee’ and have said to them that it probably is not as involved as it sounds, if it just a matter of receiving post on his Mothers behalf and dealing with any correspondence relating to it.

Can any readers (who may be ‘appointees’ on behalf of other family members) give me any information as to what they can expect, what is involved in being his mothers ‘appointee’, and if there should be any problems or comebacks regarding his and his partners benefit (DLA, ESA & CA).

Many thanks for all help given.

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