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How long does a deposit takes to clear?

how long does an atm deposit take

Aurea, Newark

June 2, 2014 12:57:48 PM

In reply to Aurea, Newark

Thanks for contacting us on TD Helps, Aurea. Knowing when your funds will be available is very important for account management. The type of deposit you make determines when the funds will be available. Direct Deposits are available on the same business day that they are credited to your account, even while they are in a pending status. Similarly, Cash Deposits made with a Teller are also made available the same business day for your use. Check Deposits work a little differently, when you deposit a check, the first $100 is made available right way. If you are a new account holder and your account has not been open for 30 consecutive days, Check Deposits can be held for 7-10 business days for verification purposes. After this grace period, not only will the first $100 be made available at the time of deposit but the rest of the funds will credit to your account the following business day. If you make a deposit through the ATM, either cash or check, the first $100 dollars is credited immediately while the remainder of your deposit will be applied to the balance on the following business day. Unlike the ATM, the Mobile Deposit feature does not credit any funds initially. The funds will be credited on the following business day. To read the Funds Availability Policy and other important details, please visit (page 35). Hope it helps and have a great day.

In reply to Megan, Mount Laurel

So if I deposited a check today at 3:47 pm of over 1000.00 I should've had 100 available and the rest tomorrow morning?

In reply to Marcus, Greenville

Thank you for joining the conversation, Marcus. The $100 may be available, depending on how you made your deposit. If you would like to confirm your available funds on your specific deposit, we recommend contacting our Banking Specialists directly. You may do so 24/7 by dialing 888-751-9000 or by visiting a TD Store during lobby hours. For hours and locations near you please visit You may also want to take a look at our Funds Availability Policy found here (pages 38-41) for additional details on when funds are made available. We hope this helps, Marcus and have a good day.

In reply to Megan, Mount


I've recently been employed with a new company. I set up direct deposit with them. I received my pay stub yesterday but I have no received any of my funds as of yet. I called TD and they said they saw no pending transactions for my account for today or tomorrow but it could still randomly appear. why is my direct deposit taking so long?

In reply to emma, Little falls

Welcome to TD Helps, Emma. We'll be glad to shed some light on direct deposits. Typically, when a direct deposit is originated, it may take 1-2 pay cycles for the direct deposit to be credited to your account. Some employers will take the first pay cycle as a test and send a deposit with a zero dollar amount to ensure all of your account information is correct. After the first "test" deposit, then they send the deposit for the full dollar amount. We recommend contacting your payroll department for information on the status of your deposit. If you have any other questions please let us know by submitting another question, by giving us a call 24/7 at 888-751-9000 or by visiting us at a TD location. To find a nearby Store please view: Enjoy your day, Emma and take care.

In reply to Megan, Mount Laurel

hi its jay I Wondering I have put 201.05 for deposit for my checking. I have 765.56 dollars I suppose to have 865.05 lmk and tell me please thank u

Jayavaraman, Lowell ma

In reply to Jayavaraman, Lowell ma

Good morning, Jayavaraman and thanks for writing in. To best assist you with your balance and deposit inquiry, we recommend dialing us 24/7 at 888-751-9000 at your earliest convenience. Upon account verification, our Banking Specialist will be more than happy to go over your account with you and explain your account balance in details if needed. Please understand that we would like to assist you directly, unfortunately, we do not have access to your personal information since this is considered an unsecured forum. Thanks again for visiting us today. Have a great holiday weekend, Jayavaraman!

In reply to Megan, Mount Laurel

So if my checking account was negative, and I deposited cash into the ATM to get it out of the red even before 11PM would I still be charged an overdraft fee?

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