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How long is a bankruptcy

how long is a bankruptcy

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Find the most recent bill or letter received from the creditor. Usually the bill will list the full name, monthly payment amount, account number and correspondence address of the creditor. Some bills will also include the outstanding balance of the debt. Typically, the bill will include all of the creditor's information needed for the bankruptcy case.

Search for any emails received from the creditors. Type the creditor's name in the search mail box of your email account. The search results should retrieve all of the emails with that creditor's name. Often when a bill is paid or some type of activity is completed in an online account for the creditor, an email confirmation will be received. Read the emails to see if an address, phone number or email address is listed for the company. If the emails only provide an email address or phone number, use one of those forms of contact to ask for the creditor's address.

Search through the address book or contact information in your cell phone. Call the creditor's phone number if it was saved in the cell phone. Speak with a customer service representative to find out the creditor's correspondence address and any additional account information that is needed for the bankruptcy case. Ask the customer service representative for

the mailing address and phone number of the company's bankruptcy department as well.

Type the creditor's name in an online search engine to find the creditor's official website. Click on the creditor's website if you are able to find it in the internet search. Click on the "Contact Us" link on the creditor's website. If the creditor's address isn't listed on the website, usually the creditor will have some form of contact information on the website, such as a phone number, email address or live chat option during business hours. Use any of those forms of contact to retrieve the creditor's address.

Find the secretary of state website for the state where the bankruptcy case will be filed. Click on the business section of the website. Type the creditor's name in the "Entity Name" or "Entity Search" box on the website. Click on the creditor's name with the active status attached to it. Use the registered agent's name and address for the creditor for the bankruptcy case.

Check your credit report with Experian, Equifax or TransUnion to find the names and addresses of creditors. Ask your bankruptcy attorney if he is able to pull the credit report while preparing the bankruptcy case. The attorney may have an account with a company that pulls up credit reports for their clients.

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