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The VS SEMI-ANNUAL 2013 sale is kind of a big deal…

how long is the semi annual sale

I can guarantee you excitement of the sales can hook you, and you want to share your findings to all.

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The Victoria Secret Semi Annual sale is online today. The Semi-Annual sale in stores starts June 11, 2013. Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale located at the CHAPEL HILLS MALL, THE CITADEL, and THE PROMENADE SHOPS at BRIARGATE in Colorado Springs Colorado.

Victoria Secret sales on-line is open. One can find VS fantasies 7 items for $35, Beauty Rush 4 items for $ 20; fragrance mists $25 and selected beauty items for clearance up to 50% off. One can purchase on-line sales as of today. I will shop at the stores to avoid the new sales taxes. I hear you; I do not want to pay the new on-line taxes either. I am a rebel, and I will be at the June 11 semi-sale bright eyed and bushy tailed.

In stores, one will expect a wide selection of VS Fantasies, PINK, Dream Angels, Beauty Rush, VS cosmetics, Sexy Little Things, Victoria Secret Bombshell,

Victoria Secret Angel and more for exceptional prices. The idea is to hit the store or stores in the first few days the sale is open. One can find a wide selection however, once the items are sold out we settle for what is available.

The Victoria Secret collection of bath, body and cosmetics is for everyone. The Semi-Annual bath, body and beauty sales happen only twice a year. The sale could have pricing up to 70% off depending on the item and the supply. I can say many Semi-Annual sales change and one must stop by the stores to check the latest pricings. I can guarantee you excitement of the sales can hook you, and you want to share your findings with all.

My experiences of Victoria Secret Semi-Annual sales are a collection of bras, panties, and beauty products. If in case you are new to town and happen to read this article, here are the stores available in Colorado Springs with Victoria Secrets shops. CHAPEL HILLS MALL. THE CITADEL. and THE PROMENADE SHOPS at BRIARGATE.

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