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How prepaid cell phones work

how prepaid cell phones work

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How to Get Free Prepaid Cell Phone Minutes

Purchase a new prepaid cell phone. You will often receive more minutes by purchasing the cell phone and minutes together rather than by buying the prepaid cell phone minutes alone.

Visit the cell phone carrier's Web site. For example, Tracfone prepaid cell phone services often offers bonus minutes when you purchase minutes. These offers are usually presented on the first page of the Web site. You can also earn double minutes for life (DMFL) with a new minutes purchase if you purchase the DMFL prepaid phone or card.

Change your plan. Many carriers will offer bonus minutes if you upgrade your plan. Your account is often credited immediately over the phone.

Voice your concerns. If there is any aspect of your service that you don't like, call your carrier to explain

the issue. Sometimes, as a token of their apology, they will offer you free prepaid cell phone minutes.

Sign up for any offers from your carrier that ask you to watch videos or receive free text messages to provide feedback on commercial products or services. You may receive free prepaid minutes based upon the number of advertisements you view or text messages you receive.

Take a prepaid cell phone test drive. Some cell phone carriers offer a free, risk-free trial of their phone, service and network. You may be given a free phone and minutes for up to 30 days.

Complete surveys or offers at Web sites such as Phone Lagoon and Mobile Wallet at Facebook to earn free prepaid minutes.

Join a rewards program. There are rewards programs such as i-wireless that provide free minutes when you shop using their rewards card.

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