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how to activate globe prepaid roaming

Globe Telecom Customer Service Webpage

The simplest way to resolve issues with a Globe SIM or Globe roaming sim is to contact Globe customer service in the Philippines. One of the most common reasons to call them is if you need to reactivate your Globe SIM card for roaming. If you have not maintained a balance on your sim it may be deactivated. Here is how you can contact them.

Contact Globe Customer Service: Philippines

  • 24-hour Call-In Service, dial (02) 730-1000 from any land line phone in the Philippines
  • Dial 211 toll-free access from your Globe mobile phone
  • Globe TM subscribers dial 808 toll-free from your mobile phone or (02) 730-1500 from any land line.
  • Email customer support at .

Contact Globe Customer Service: Roaming

  • 24-hour Globe Roaming Support dial +6327301212 for postpaid subscribers or *131*6327301212 # for prepaid subscribers

These calls are toll free from your Globe cell phone .

If you are calling from a land line or while in the Philippines, appropriate charges will apply and it will be considered as a valid call.
  • The Toll free US hotline

    number is 1-877-64-GLOBE (1-877-644-5623 )

  • Globe Customer Support Website

    The Globe website has some very helpful information that can often solve your issue with out a phone call or waiting for an email.

    Globe Support Forum on

    Globe has a forum that allows you to ask questions and get answers from both customer support and other users. This is a great way to get your Globe SIM questions or roaming questions answered.

    Activate or Reactivate a Globe Roaming SIM

    Globe SIM cards must be activated for roaming in order for them to work outside of the Philippines. If you have not activated your SIM or your SIM card has been deactivated fro roaming you can simply call or email Globe customer support and ask them to reactivate your Globe SIM for roaming. Be sure to have your SIMs phone number handy when you contact Globe customer service.

    Activate you Globe Roaming SIM

    Simply call the 24-hour Globe Roaming Support at +6327301212 for postpaid subscribers or *131*6327301212 # for prepaid subscribers, and ask them to activate or reactivate you Globe SIM card. You can also email customer support at .

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