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How to apply for paypal debit card

how to apply for paypal debit card

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the benefits of the PayPal Plus credit card. It's a Mastercard created specifically for PayPal members and offers additional protection on purchases beyond that of a traditional PayPal account, including zero liability for proven unauthorized charges. Additionally, you won't have to pay an annual fee.

Step 2

Learn the difference between a PayPal credit card and PayPal buyer credit. A PayPal credit card is a material card that can be used just like any other, while buyer credit is a credit account that allows buyers to make monthly payments on their PayPal balance.

Step 3

Know your credit history and credit score. It's recommended that your credit score be at least 675 to apply

and be approved for the PayPal Plus Card. However, if your credit card application is declined, PayPal will automatically consider your information for the buyer credit program.

Step 4

Create a PayPal account or log in to your existing account. On the "Account Overview" page, click the "PayPal Plus Credit Card" link. Alternatively, you can click the "PlusCard" link that can be found at the bottom of any PayPal page.

Step 5

Read the information thoroughly. The initial page gives you the option to compare products as well as read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section and the Terms and Conditions of the card. The "Terms and Conditions" section includes important information about finance charges and the issuing financial institution.

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