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How to create a 3D secure password for your SBI ATM cum Debit card

The article explains about how one can create a 3D secure password for their SBI ATM, which is an important phase during online transaction through one's Maestro card.

This article explains to you how one can get a 3D secure password for their SBI debit card. State Bank of India now issues a 3D secure password for every personals using SBI Maestro ATM for any online transaction.

To have your 3D secure password, one should visit the registration page of SBI, that is and should continue with the registration procedures, the first step involved in the registration is to enter the 19 digit card number, which is written on the top of your Maestro Card, and the next step is to choose your 3D secure password, with that one should provide their name, a 4 digit card PIN, mobile number, email ID, the account number and finally a security question. After this entire step your registration is completed.

After the registration whenever one tries to choose their Maestro Card for any online transaction, they should provide their 3D secure password to execute the transaction process.

An important note, if one has not registered their 3D secure password then during the transaction process they will be asked to create a 3D secure password, which finally leads to a time consuming process. So its better that everyone should start creating a 3D secure password for their Maestro card/debit card. By visiting the same page you can reset your 3D secure password, in case if you forget or like to change the password.

All other Visa card and

Master card secure accounts will show the history of their card usage, but here when you visit the registration page again you will only need to login if you need to change your password.

In many sites, one using a Visa Card or Master card needs to provide details of their card by entering the 16 digit card number, a CW number which is at the back of the card and also its expiry date. But using the Maestro card one can leave all the columns blank that are mentioned above. You have to enter the card number, the name on the card, that's it and your transaction will be completed after you enter your 3D secure password.One can use their Maestro card at any site that allows the transaction through the Maestro card, the transaction will be totally different from other cards.

At times their will be confusions, if you want to continue your transaction only through Maestro card, then you can select SBI ATN or SBI Debit card, which will be under the debit card as your transaction option, and if you come through situation where the option of SBI ATM or Debit card is not available then you can select Master card under the option Debit card, and you only have to enter the information that are present on your card. An important note, while using the Master card under the option Debit card as mentioned above, if you come across a problem where you can't enter number above 16 digits, then it means that the site does not allow transaction through Maestro card or SBI ATM.

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