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How to Apply for a General Diary (GD) in Police Station

Where to Apply?

Generally you will have to apply for the GD in the Police Station of the area where the incident or matter of interest took place.

Sample GD Application Format

What to include in the Application?

For GD the application has to be addressed TO The Officer in Charge (OC). The rest of the format is similar to other applications – the address of the Police Station, Subject (this should include the reason for the GD), then elaborate description of the incident or reason for the general diary and in the end provide name, present address, permanent address and contact number. You can also collect the GD Application format from Service Delivery Officer at the Police Station.

Points to be noted,

there are no fees to apply for a GD. If you cannot write one then the Service Delivery Officer will assist you in writing it. For this there is no service charge. After completing the application the Officer in Charge will set the GD number and date and enlist in the register.

There is an online service for the Citizen Help Request (CHR) currently operational only for Dhaka City, mostly for ‘Non-Urgent Cases’ which can be  accessed from here: The ‘Non-Urgent Cases’ includes:

  • Information on Eve Teasing
  • Information on Snatching
  • Information about loss/theft of certificate, ID and documents
  • Information about Night Guard, Guard, Servant, Caretaker
  • Information about new/old tenants
  • Expatriate Problems/Complains

The Dhaka Metropoliton Police’s website:

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