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What is a remittance transfer?

updated 4/22/2014

Many people use the word “remittance” when they refer to sending money from the United States to other countries. Federal law defines “remittance transfers” to include most electronic money transfers from consumers in the United States through “remittance transfer providers”.

What is a remittance transfer provider?

updated 12/11/2013

Under federal law, a remittance transfer provider is a business that transfers money electronically for consumers to people and businesses in foreign countries. These companies include many money transmitters, banks and credit unions, and possibly other types of financial services.

How do I dispute an error on my credit report?

updated 7/14/2014

Contact both the credit reporting company and the company that provided the information. You should explain what you think is wrong, why, and include copies of documents that support your dispute. Warning: Do not include original copies of the documents.

I can’t pay my mortgage loan. What should I do?

updated 8/19/2014

If you can’t pay your mortgage, call your servicer right away. Your servicer may be willing to help you if you have missed a payment or are about to miss a payment. However, the further you fall behind in your.

I’m a military servicemember or veteran and am considering buying a home. What should I think about before taking out a mortgage?

updated 8/8/2014

If you're a veteran or an active duty member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard, there are two steps you should take right away when you consider buying

a house: 1. Figure out what you can.

How does foreclosure work?

updated 10/29/2014

Foreclosure processes differ by state. If you are worried about foreclosure, you should call the CFPB at 1-855-411-CFPB (2372) to be connected with a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved housing counselor. Typically, once you fall four months.

Do I have to pay for someone to help me modify my mortgage?

updated 8/20/2014

You do not need to pay someone large sums of money to help you modify your mortgage. People who charge a lot of money in advance of any result may be violating the law. Depending on your financial situation, U.S.

What is the difference between a fixed APR and a variable APR?

updated 3/22/2012

A fixed-rate APR or fixed APR sets an APR that does not fluctuate with changes to an index. This does not mean that the interest rate will never change, but the issuer generally must notify you before the change occurs, and in.

When can a credit card company look at my credit reports?

updated 2/26/2014

A card issuer can look at your full credit report when you apply for a credit card. If you are a customer of the card issuer, it can look at your credit report at any time.

When can I remove private mortgage insurance (PMI) from my loan?

To remove private mortgage insurance (PMI) that you pay on your mortgage loan, you must be up to date with your monthly payments. These rules apply to mortgages closed on or after July 29, 1999. Federal law generally provides two.

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