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How To Avoid Bankruptcy

Knowing how to avoid bankruptcy and being aware of the alternatives that are available to you can help you make the best decision for your financial situation.

Today, more and more people are filing for bankruptcy as their first debt relief option rather than as the last resort for which it was intended.

Bankruptcy is not a quick and easy way out of financial difficulties. It is actually a very drastic decision that should only be considered once all other alternatives have been exhausted.

Filing bankruptcy can have a very negative impact on your credit rating, making it difficult to obtain additional credit or reasonable interest rates. You will need to begin the process of rebuilding your credit, and your financial reputation, which can take many years.

Before making a final decision, consider some of the alternatives that may help you avoid filing bankruptcy.

Convert Assets to Cash

In bankruptcy you risk almost everything of value you have. Have a yard sale, put items up for sale in the paper, post list of saleable items on bulletin boards.

The cash you can earn from stuff, can help get you through; pay the attorney, etc.

Move to a smaller house.

Sell your recreational vehicles, down size your cars.

Inventory your household and see what can bring in some extra money.

Work More

If you aren't on salary, consider taking on more hours at work, or find a second (or third) job.

Your significant other should also see what they can do to help bring in extra income.

Ask your boss for a raise or promotion. You may balk at this idea, but your company may find out anyway if you declare bankruptcy. They might wonder why you didn't come and ask for their help.

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