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How to build a coin pusher

how to build a coin pusher


How to make Bots?

Here is a full guide to make a Everybody Edits Bot


icebot is back babe. Ice bot. bot created by icepegasus and it has manny manny futures. we all remember the spammy old command bot by icepegasus. well this is x10 funner and a lot quieter. you do not need to be scared cause of spam!


Everybody Edits Troll Catcher

EE Troll Catcher Anti-Bot (HD)

Make your world 100% Troll-Proof

EETC is also equipped with art recover and admin tool, which allow you or admins to seamlessly undo the trolls. Beautiful artwork can be preserved.

<912468> Background

<912468> Background is an easy bot to change your background. It has several possibilities to change it, like continuous changing.

The bot also has a small command section where you can select a player who's god/in your world and give/remove his/her edit or

kick him/her. You can also do the basic options like save.

Auto Builder

In Autobuilder you select preset art, choose the blocks in a predefined order, move your mouse to where you want it in EE and press F2. But remember not to click the mouse. After you've done that it will start making the art in horizontal rows, until it has made all of the blocks into an art.

If you are bored of the autobuilder and cant learn how to code, goto the link for a zip file that has a castle, a pirate boat, and a mini game box small (minigbsmall file may not work) just take the file that doesnt say readme and drag it into the files folder.

EEBuilder is much more recommended, because it has +50 files and a creator for your own files. how to build a coin pusher

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