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How to report suspicious emails

how to report suspicious emails

Unwanted Calls, Video Calls and Instant Messages

1. Ignore and don’t answer the call. Or if you already answered it, disregard and DO NOT follow any instructions mentioned by the suspicious caller. DO NOT visit any site or links mentioned in the call.

3. Again in the Recent tab, right-click on the name of the user then select Block This Person. The Block This Person window will appear, also click the Report Abuse box then click the Block button to confirm that you want to block that contact.

5. But if you happen to already clicked or visited the sites mentioned in those scam/scam calls, immediately run a full anti-virus and other available security scans, and change your Skype account password, and contact Skype and request to check your account for any irregularities. They may also provide you with additional details and/or instructions.

1. Unfortunately, there

is currently no method to sort or filter incoming contact requests. I think it would be very difficult for Skype to determine if a certain person is a potential scammer or spammer, unless they receive relevant reports from users who receive suspicious contact requests from them.

1. Immediately send a detailed report or description to Skype customer service . If Possible, attach or paste a copy of the exact email message.

Furthermore, by reporting them to Skype, they will become aware of the questionable activities of those users and suspicious accounts may be put under certain restrictions, suspended, terminated, or may be banned from creating new accounts and using Skype services.

If you have the time, kindly repost the details of any suspicious or unwanted communications you receive below this thread, as such may help other users to become aware of such and potentially fraudulent activities.

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