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How to buy american eagle gold coins

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American Gold Eagle coin advantages:

  • The 1/10 oz American Gold Eagle coin is considered legal tender in the United States with a face value of $5 though the intrinsic value of its gold content is much higher.
  • These bullion coins are traded based on the market value for gold.
  • The 1/10 oz US Gold Eagle has a $5 legal tender face value although they are traded with a premium, based on the market rate for gold.
  • The 1/10 oz American Gold Eagle has 1/10 oz Fine Gold printed in English on the coin making them highly trustworthy and tradable.
  • The 1/10 oz US Gold Eagle has its 1/10 oz fine gold content guaranteed by the United States Government.
  • The American Gold Eagle is one of the freest trading gold coins in the world.
  • US Gold Eagles are 22 Karat gold which gives them a more durable surface.
  • The American Gold Eagle is the number one gold coin in North America.
  • American Gold Eagles are acceptable for your precious metal IRA.
  • The American Gold Eagle is one of the most private investments there is as Gold Eagles are exempt from IRS 1099B Brokerage reporting requirements. guarantees the authenticity of all its products.


1/10 oz American Gold Eagle coins are backed and guaranteed by the United States government, making them a sound investment for precious metal collectors. Stamped with a face value of $5 USD, the actual value of these gold coins is evaluated

based upon current markets values of gold.

Crafted from a resilient 22-karat gold that resists scratching and marring, the American Gold Eagle 1/10 oz coin is renowned for its beauty as well as its adherence to exacting specifications of weight and purity. Because of the lower overall weight than other gold bullion coins, 1/10 oz Gold Eagles are a great choice for investors looking to buy gold coins that are highly movable. And, like all American Gold Eagle coins, the 1/10 oz size is exempt from 1099B Brokerage reporting requirements and make for a sound addition to any precious metal IRA.

In production since 1986, it didn’t take long for the American Gold Eagle coin to become the best-selling bullion coin worldwide. Popular because of its backing by the US government and liquidity, these coins are also highly sought after for their beauty. Based on designs originally commissioned by President Teddy Roosevelt, the American Gold Eagle was designed to rival the elegance of ancient coins.

The face of the American Gold Eagle features a male American eagle transporting a branch home to his nest where his mate and eaglets await him. The back of the coin depicts Lady Liberty. In her right hand, she holds high a torch meant to represent progress, while in her left she carries an olive branch to indicate peace and enlightenment.

American Gold Eagle 1/10 oz coins are sold in 50 coin tubes that are recognizable by their distinctive black tops. Each coin contains exactly one-tenth of an ounce of gold and has an overall weight of .1091 troy ounces.

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