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The Perseus Books Group is an independent company committed to enabling independent publishers to reach their potential.  Perseus-owned imprints include Avalon Travel, Basic Books, Da Capo Press, Lifelong Books, PublicAffairs, Running Press, Seal Press, and Westview Press.   Perseus partnerships include Nation Books, as well as joint ventures with Weinstein Books and The Daily Beast.


Minneapolis, MN 55413


69-70 Temple Chambers

3-7 Temple Avenue

London, EC4Y 0HP, UK

Perseus has 650 employees located in 9 offices in Berkeley, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Jackson, London, Minneapolis, New York, and Philadelphia. Our employees are a who’s who of experienced book people and functional experts collaborating across genres, time zones and continents to get great books in the hands of influencers, retailers, and readers worldwide.

Perseus has a legacy of publishing successful, important, breakthrough and award-winning titles.   Perseus publishes prize-winning authors, like Nobel Peace Prize winners Muhammed Yunus (author of Banker to the Poor )  and Leymah Gbowee (author of Mighty Be Our Powers) .   Pulitzer Prize winning books we have published include Godel Escher Bach by Douglas Hofstadter and A Problem from Hell by Samantha Power.  Winners of the National Book Award include Robert Nozick for the classic Anarchy State and Utopia. Silvano Arieti for The Interpretation of Schizophrenia. Freedom by Orlando Patterson, Summer for the Gods by Edward J. Larson, and The Social Transformation of American Medicine. by Paul Starr.

Perseus imprints have published countless New York Times Bestsellers. Highlights include Skinny Bitch from Running Press, Friday Night Lights from Da Capo Press, Waiting for Superman from PublicAffairs, Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door from Avalon Travel, Death and Life of the Great American School System from Basic Books, Knowing your Value from Weinstein Books, and Blackwater from Nation Books.

Perseus is also a leading provider of sales, marketing, and distribution through its owned services companies. Consortium, Legato, Perseus Distribution and Publishers Group West serve over 350 notable and varied independent publishers such as Akashic Books, Bellvue Literary Press, BenBella Books, Chouette,  City Lights, Columbia University Press, Copper Canyon Press, ECW Press, Frommer’s, Grove Atlantic, Harvard Business Press, McSweeney’s, New World Library. Nomad Press, Theatre Communications Group and Zagat, to name a few.

Perseus has built the leading digital platform in the industry – Constellation – providing the most complete digital offering available to over 450 publishers in both North America and beyond (including over 100 publishers worldwide via Faber Factory Powered by Constellation– a joint venture with Faber & Faber).  Constellation services include digital conversion, digital sales and distribution, digital print, marketing, analytics and more.

The Perseus Books Group is proud of its work furthering its mission to serve independent publishers.

Distribution Companies

About Our Sales and Distribution Companies

Perseus has put together an unparalleled group of publishing services companies focused on sales and distribution of books, both physical and digital, with worldwide reach.  Each has unique strengths and focus, and all rest on a powerful, shared Perseus platform that includes our 1M+ square foot warehouse in Jackson, TN, a leading-edge Digital Services group based in Boulder CO, and a large and deeply experienced sales team located everywhere.  The shared Perseus platform also includes in-house customer service, order entry, credit and collections, digital printing services, academic and library marketing, integrated reporting, and much more.  The combination of deep expertise and personal

attention with world-class, at-scale capabilities make us exceptional business partners for independent publishers.

Consortium grew out of a book wholesaling cooperative established in the Twin Cities in 1985, to become a respected full-service distributor for independent publishers.  Consortium is celebrated for its passion, hands-on service and close-knit group of over 90 publisher clients.  While serving a broad range of genres, they have deep expertise in politics, history, social studies, theatre, GLBT, art and design, sustainability, literature and poetry. Notable titles include Go the F*%# to Sleep, Tinkers, and August Osage County. Find out more.

Based in Chicago, Legato Publishers Group was launched in 2013 as a boutique publisher services organization with a select and small group of clients. Legato provides a unique set of highly attentive strategic, sales, marketing, and distribution services to clients, including Chouette, ECW and Nomad, who appreciate the combination of focus and scale that Legato brings to their business. Find out more.

Based in New York City, Perseus Distribution has been serving independent publishers since 1999.  Perseus Distribution offers customized solutions to over 35 publishers whose size, uniqueness, and strategy require a more flexible approach to sales and distribution. We have helped many publishers establish New York Times Bestsellers including Harvard Business Review Press, Hazelden, Regnery, The New Press and BenBella. Find out more.

Launching in 2015, Perseus Academic is being developed specifically to meet the needs of university and academic presses.  As an affiliate of Perseus Distribution,  it will share the same core service options but they will be further customized for the academic space.  Princeton University Press, University of California Press and Columbia University Press are among the initial group of clients in this division.

Established in 1976, Publishers Group West (PGW) represents over 100 independent publishers, and provides complete publisher services.  Headquartered in Berkeley California, PGW is renowned for leadership, experience, and expertise across a wide range of genres including literary fiction, serious nonfiction, travel, self-help and personal growth, natural health, business, children’s books, gay and lesbian interest, popular and counter-culture, and audio books. Major bestsellers include The Power of Now, StrengthsFinder 2.0 and Cold Mountain. Find out more.


Constellation is the most complete digital service for publishers. Launched in 2008 by the Perseus Books Group, Constellation now serves over 400 publishers, integrates 40+ vendors and services, reaches 6 continents and millions of devices. Constellation offers digital conversion, e-book sales and distribution, digital asset management, digital marketing tools, digital printing, online sampling, and currently has 30,000 digitized titles. Custom-built for publishers, Constellation provides digital reach, power and control. Constellation also provides publishers with education, insight and access to expertise via the Constellation Connect program, with the goal of helping publishers drive success in today’s digital marketplace.

Based in London, Faber Factory Powered by Constellation (FFPC) is a comprehensive digital service which works with over 100 publishers in the UK, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. In March 2013, FFPC received recognition of its services to independent publishers at the IPG awards. The judges praised it for having “consistently provided an efficient, friendly and powerful service, so that independents can stay at the forefront of digital publishing and reap the rewards of collective representation with retailers.”

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