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Here is some information which will hopefully assist you should you have any questions concerning the procedures for buying machine embroidery at S-Embroidery:

First, this is a brief description of the steps to follow to order machine embroidery designs at our on line store:

1. Add embroidery designs to shopping cart by clicking "Add to cart" button Please make sure you have Javascript and cookies enabled in your browser and that you have selected correct "Embroidery format" and "Size" (if applicable).

After you add the design to the shopping cart, the "Add to cart" button will change to "In cart" to indicate that the design is already in your shopping cart.

2. You can proceed directly to checkout or first view cart contents to verify that it contains the designs of your choice by using the cart area in the LEFT part of the screen.

Clicking on the arrow will open a quick view of the items in shopping cart. Please make sure you have selected the correct embroidery format and size and that you have ordered only 1 copy of each design. Then you may proceed further by clicking any of the "Checkout" buttons or view cart in more detail by clicking the "View cart" link.

While on the cart screen you can view and modify (if needed) the contents of your shopping cart. To proceed to Checkout - click on any of the 2 "Checkout" buttons .

3. You will be taken to a screen where you can log in with your user name and password (if you have registered earlier) - click the "sign in" link in the top left part of the screen. If you are a new customer or you do not want log in for some reason fill in the required fields in the "Name and address" box. If you want to create an account, after filling in the contact details, tick the box "Create account for this user name". If you do not want to register - just proceed with your order.

Do not forget to click the "Apply" button after you finish entering your contact information. Otherwise you will not be able to choose payment method.

4. On the same screen you can select the payment method by choosing between Gift certificate and Credit card or Paypal. You can also inspect your order details (use the "Order Summary" box in the right part of the screen). You may also enter some comments you may want us to have in the "Customer notes" field .

When you are satisfied with your order, please confirm that you accept the Terms and conditions by placing a check mark and then click "Submit order" button at the bottom of the page.

This takes you to the Secure online payment services provided by 2Checkout - page is with white background and is distinctly marked with the logo of 2Checkout (2CO)

5. On the screen at the 2CO site you will see the your order details. Now is the time for a last check.

6. The fields on the Shipping information section are pre-filled with the contact details you provided at our web site when initiating your order.

The next section is "Billing information". If your shipping and billing address are the same, leave the checkmark in the "My billing information is the same as my shipping information" box. If they are different, please remove the checkmark and enter your billing address.

Please make sure that the E-mail address listed in this section is valid. This is the E-mail address we shall use for all messages, related to your order and this is where we shall send the E-mail with the attached designs .

7. Next is the "Payment method" section where you can choose your method of payment Available options (Credit card, PayPal) are shown on the screen shot below.

7.1 If you wish to pay with PayPal you can activate the "PayPal" option. If you do no see the PayPal option. then most probably you have chosen an order currency which is not supported by this method. Please change order currency to some of the supported (e.g. USD, Euro) .

Click on "Continue to PayPal"

Once you get to the PayPal page, just log in to your account to finalize the payment.

7.2. If your choice was "Credit card" you can enter your credit card details in the appropriate fields. Please make sure you have filled in ALL fields correctly. Credit card number must be entered with no dashes or spaces - just the digits. Finish the transaction by clicking the "Submit payment" button .

Please note that on your credit card monthly statement you will see the name of

That will be all. After your payment is processed you will receive the designs you purchased by E-mail usually within 24 hours. Please make sure that your mailbox has enough free space and that your provider does not impose any limitations on receiving ZIP archive files.

If you need more information, you may want to read to the end of page. In the text below we have added more detailed explanations on the steps, outlined above.

1. Choose your designs

You are most welcome to browse our machine embroidery designs catalog . In order to make it easier for you, the designs in the catalog are classified in different categories (e.g. Lace Embroidery. Christmas Embroidery. Valentine Embroidery. etc.). The newest designs in each category are always on the first page. You can also sort the embroidery designs by their name, price and code (SKU).

The number of designs on each category page may vary. In order to see all designs in a section, please use the small "Result pages" tabs, available both above and below featured embroidery designs.

You can view detailed information on each machine embroidery design by clicking either on its thumbnail image or on the "See details"

link below the image. Product details always include the design size which is presented in both inches and millimeters. Before adding an embroidery design to your shopping cart please make sure that the design will fit within the working area of your embroidery machine hoop. It is of course possible to resize a design, but on quite a few occasions reducing the size may have a negative impact on quality of the stitched design.

You may also want to check that your embroidery machine can use the available formats for each embroidery design n. If you do not find your machine's format, please contact us. We may be able to help you.

It is a good idea to read our Terms and conditions prior to buying a product.

2. Add embroidery designs to cart

Your web browser must have Javascript support turned on in order to use our shopping cart. If Javascript is disabled, please click the link in the Authentication Section (in the right column).

We do not require you to register as a member in order to be able to buy embroidery designs using our shopping cart. You will be required to log in (if you are a registered member) or enter your contact details (if you have not registered previously) only when you have filled your cart and want to checkout.

When you find a design you would like to buy, you can add it to your cart by clicking the "Add to cart" button on the detailed information page of this product. Please make sure that you have chosen the right machine embroidery format and the right size for your embroidery machine.

Please note that we have chosen NOT to take you to the shopping cart each time you add an embroidery design to it. So, when you add a product to your cart, you will remain on the product page but there will be changes in "Your cart" box (located in the right part of the screen): the "Cart is empty" icon and text will be replaced by a filled cart icon and information on the number of products you have placed there and their total value .

You can at any time go to the shopping cart by clicking on the "View cart" link or you can checkout by clicking on the "Checkout" link .

Please note that if you have logged in as a registered member. you can leave selected products in your shopping cart and come back to continue shopping at some other time.

3. Checkout, Payment, Credit Card Information

When you are finished shopping you can make a last check of the embroidery designs you have placed in the shopping cart (click "View cart" link ). If you are satisfied with your choice you can then proceed to Checkout. It is now that we shall require you to log in (if you are a registered member) or enter your contact details (if you have not registered previously) because we'll need this information in order to deliver the embroidery designs you have picked at our site.

S-Embroidery does NOT collect and does NOT store your credit card information so, please, do not send us any such information. All payments for embroidery designs you purchase at S-Embroidery web site are processed through a SSL secure server when you finalize the order with 2Checkout.Com, Inc. who is an authorized retailer for our products and you have to enter the information yourself. We cannot do this for you.

You can pay for our embroidery designs by credit card Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, American Express, Dinners, JCB. All derivatives of these brands are also supported. You can also pay with PayPal or FXSource.

Any credit card information you enter when your order is processed by will be securely encrypted.

Please note that in order to minimize credit card fraud and to protect both you and us, the payment processing system will verify your credit card's CVV code, address and your bank's phone number. and ensure that the card is good for the amount required to complete the transaction. After your payment is processed, the dollar value of the purchase will be authorized against your card and a confirmation of the sale will sent by email to you and to us. Please note that on your credit card monthly statement you will see the name of - our authorized reseller .

4. Embroidery Designs Delivery

Upon receiving confirmation from that your payment has been processed, we shall be able to deliver the embroidery designs you purchased.

Designs will be sent to you by E-mail FREE of charge, normally within 24 hours (on weekends and holidays please allow up to 72 hours). We shall use the E-mail address you entered upon registration/checkout, so please, make sure you have given us the correct address .

You may also want to check that your E-mail account has sufficient free space available. Please note, that if you mailbox is filled with messages and there is not enough free space your mail server may reject the E-mail message with the attached files and thus delay or even prevent delivery if the embroidery designs you purchased from S-Embroidery.

In order to reduce size of the E-mail messages, all files we sent to our customers are compressed into a ZIP file. If you have Windows XP Professional/Home you could open and browse contents of the ZIP files directly form Windows Explorer, just as you do with any folder on your disk. If you have other operating system, or if you have turned this feature off, you can decompress the contents of the ZIP file with the help of WinZip (can be downloaded at ) or 7-Zip (this freeware program can be downloaded at ).

Normally the embroidery designs you purchase are delivered by E-mail within 24 hours. If you do not receive our E-mail message for more than 72 hours after your order was placed, please contact us immediately.

5. If you have any problems purchasing our embroidery designs

Should you encounter any problems or should you have any questions related to the S-Embroidery site or if you have any problems while your order is processed by our authorized reseller 2Checkout.Com Inc. please do not hesitate to contact us .

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