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How To Buy Physical

In some ways, buying Gold and Silver is like making other investments. In some ways, it’s like purchasing other products. Here are a few things you’ll want to know as you begin the buying process.

Understand the price

Before you buy a Precious Metals product, you’ll want to understand how it’s priced. Here are a few terms you should know, and how they relate to the price you’ll pay to buy and sell products.

Research your retailer

Consider APMEX

Choose your products

With thousands of Gold and Silver products to choose from, your choices will depend on personal preferences. Smaller products are easier to trade. Larger products are easier to store. Sovereign coins are more liquid. Learn more about your options here .

Place your order

In some ways, buying Precious Metals is as easy as adding product(s) to your cart and going to checkout. But, there are

also a few key differences you want to be aware of.

How to store

Securely storing Gold and Silver is top-of-mind for most investors. If you wish to store your investments at home or in a bank, APMEX Supplies will protect your products from damage. Also, Citadel, an APMEX subsidiary, works with Brink's to offer private storage in a high-security facility, where your products are kept separate from other investors’.

This option provides easy access to your products and may allow you to showcase them to friends and family. Check out our presentation cases .

Many banks rent vault space to the public for safekeeping of valuables. These APMEX products will protect your Gold and Silver from damage during the safe deposit box’s handling.

Companies like Citadel Global Depository Services segregate your products from other investors' in a high-security facility, at a very low cost.

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