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How to buy treasury bonds

how to buy treasury bonds

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Purchase savings bonds online by creating an account on the United States Treasury's website. Your browser needs to support 128-bit encryption to complete the transaction. Upgrade your system if necessary. Gather your social security or taxpayer Identification number, driver's license or state ID, and your bank account and routing number. Choose an email address to receive information concerning your account. Fill in all required information and click "Submit" to open an account. Look for account information sent to your email address and an access card the Treasury sends to you through regular mail. Log in to your account using your access card, account number and password in order to purchase savings bonds directly from the U.S. Treasury.

Visit your local bank to purchase U.S. Savings bonds. Fill out a savings bond application and pay the cashier. Check your mail for the paper savings bond to arrive. It normally takes three weeks for the bond to be delivered.

Enroll in Treasury Direct's payroll option to have funds automatically deducted from your

paycheck and deposited in a Treasury Direct account for the purchase of savings bonds. Open a Treasury Direct account and submit a request to your employer for a direct deposit (or payroll) deduction. Find an instruction sheet on the Treasury Direct website. Accumulate a minimum of $25 in your Treasury Direct account and use your funds to purchase savings bonds.

Participate in the Payroll Savings Plan for U.S. Savings Bonds offered by your employer. Purchase savings bonds automatically through payroll deduction. Ask your employer for a U.S. Savings Bonds Payroll Savings authorization form. Provide all information required and enter the amount you want set aside each pay period. Ask your payroll office if there are any minimum limits. Select a bond denomination and write the name of the owner to be inscribed on the bond. Write the owner's social security number and provide the address you want the bond delivered to. Write the date you want the allotment to start and sign the form in the space indicated. Submit the completed form to your payroll department.

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