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How to Calculate Dividends

Investors often like dividend-paying stocks because they provide ongoing income opportunities. Companies pay periodic dividends to reward shareholders and to motivate ongoing investment interest. To calculate your dividend amount, multiply the periodic dividend the company declares per share by the total amount of shares you own.

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Quarterly Dividend Example

Companies typically declare dividends by the quarter or year. If your stock pays $0.20 per share each quarter, and you own 2,000 shares, multiply $0.20 by 2,000 to compute your quarterly dividend. In this case, you would receive a $400 dividend on the payout date if you were a shareholder of record on the execution date.


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Dividends per share can be calculated

by dividing the total dollar amount of cash dividends paid by a company in a year.

The subject of dividend taxes has been a political issue for some time. President Bush sought to eliminate the tax in 2003.

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Corporations and mutual funds pay cash dividends to distribute part of their profits to shareholders. Cash dividend amounts can be calculated on.

There are two main ways for investors to earn income on investments: dividends and interest. Interest is earned on fixed income products.

Add all the dividend payments for the preceding 12 months or for the calendar year in question. This represents the sum of.

One way that mutual funds can provide returns to investors is through the payment of dividends. Some mutual funds pay regular or.

There are two primary ways investors can invest in a company: they can purchase bonds or stocks. One advantage of purchasing stocks.


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