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How To Calculate Salary

how to calculate gross salary

In this video from VideoJug, you'll learn how to calculate the parts of your gross salary. You'll be given formulas for calculating your annual salary, your monthly pay, and your hourly rate.

Hi, my name is Grant Hobson, I work as a finance analyst. Today, I'm going to talk you through some business calculations and ratios. How to calculate salary.

From a business perspective, the cost of acquiring a human resource to continue with your operations is what they deem to be the salary and the expense and the payroll accounts. But we're going to look at this from a personal perspective, so if you don't know what your gross salary is for the year and you know what your hourly rate is and you want to calculate what that works out for a full year, then we'll work that out. Or alternatively, if you want to know what your hourly rate is, then we can work that down from your gross salary.

So we'll just look into this now with a few examples. So in the first example, what we'll say is that I'm a person who works thirty-seven and a half hours a week, and I get paid twelve pounds an hour for that. And I want to know what my gross

monthly and annual salary would equate to.

So if you put the thirty-seven point five hours in this section, we want fifty-two weeks in the year, at a rate of twelve pounds. So, the formula for this calculation would be your annual salary, equals your pay, times your weeks, times your rate. You put that all it into this formula, it comes out with twenty-three thousand, four-hundred pounds.

And your monthly gross salary is simply the annual, divided by the twelve months, which comes out with nineteen-hundred and fifty pounds. So in the second example, let's say that your gross annual salary is twenty-eight thousand pounds. And you want to work out what your monthly pay is, what your week pay is and what your hourly rate is.

So if your gross salary is twenty-eight thousand pounds, we'll say that your monthly pay, is simply this divided by twelve. We'll say that your weekly pay is five hundred and twenty eight, which is simply your twenty-eight thousand divided by the weeks in the year. And then your hourly rate is simply, week with pay, divided by the thirty-seven and half hours that you work which is fourteen pounds, thirty six.

So this is what we calculate being the parts of your gross salary.

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