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LEARN HOW TO CONVERT GOLD Pennyweights to Grams & back


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Here are the EASY conversions to calculate Grams to Penny weights and Pennyweights to Grams:

Take the weight (be sure you have the scale on the correct setting (Grams or Pennyweights)? -Be sure. Mistakes can happen.

Pennyweights to Grams. divide by 1.55517

Grams to Pennyweights. Multiply by 0.643


1) You must ask the person buying your gold if they are offering you a price per PENNYWEIGHT OR GRAM? They are two different calculations! -(Like ounces or gallons. -If this were gasoline, do you want to pay $3.00 per ounce or per gallon)? The price gold buyers pay per Pennyweight and per Gram is significantly different, so pay attention. You could get confused if you're not careful and fully understand the calculation method.

2) Get the total DOLLAR PRICE of what the buyer is willing to pay you. That's the bottom line.


A person wants to sell their gold. They know it weighs 45.3 grams. They go to a Pawn Shop to see what the Pawn Shop is willing to pay, but the Pawn Shop only pays in Pennyweights, not grams. Here's how the person calculates the conversion: 45.3 grams of gold x 0.643 = 29.12 pennyweights

When you buy gold from ANYONE, you want to be sure of what you're getting!


Be sure to weigh it, and Acid test it before putting it away and throwing away the box it came in!


Go to E-bay and buy one (Where else). LOL! -Search under: "Gram Scale" to buy an inexpensive one. (About $12-$20).


While your at it,

if you buy gold jewelry for yourself, it's always a good idea to get a simple gold testing kit as well. Search E-bay under: "Gold Testing Kit" or Gold Acid Testing". Cost: Approx. $15 - $20.

It's so easy to test for gold content! The test only takes about 5-10 seconds - to test an item!

- That's right! It's fast, simple, easy & helps you know and rest assured what you're buying is REAL or NOT!


You can get Jewelers testing acid on ebay or at any Jewelers Supply. Be sure the acid is fresh and replace your acid every 2 months. Properly dispose of old acid. Wear gloves and eye protection when testing. Be careful not to get it on your skin or clothing.

Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous sellers that try to sell fake jewelry, or sometimes, the karat of the jewelry can be less (much less or even totally fake) than marked. Sometimes the Clasp is marked and is real, but soldered to a fake chain. Sad for the poor buyer who gets fooled. That's why we test, and test in more than one place on the piece.

NOTE: Sometimes heavily plated jewelry cannot be definitively assessed unless you really cut into it to acid test it.

I always test everything I buy, and you can too.

The gold test kit should come with simple instructions. Just ask the seller!

Hope this guide helps you.

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Thanks & Happy E-baying. )

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