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How to renew your prepaid Celcom broadband data plan

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I thought I would quickly outline the process so that people could see how easy it is to renew your Celcom data plan either each day or when your weekly subscription has expired. The first step is to purchase some prepaid credit that you can apply to your account.

  1. Scratch off the silver cover over the "secret" number on both panels. Obviously here I have bought 40Rm worth of credit. NOTE: credit is only valid for 7 days after you apply it, so only use it when you need it
  2. First time: put your data SIM in your phone and send "rec #scratchedoffnumber" or in this case "rec 6961007940632100" to 2888.
  3. You will receive an SMS back that looks something like this "Balance #yoursimnumber: RM10.00, valid until 14/04/2010."
  4. Repeat this for the other credit if you are purchasing the Weekly Broadband subscription.

Okay, you now have credit on your account, to subscribe to the Weekly broadband subscription you follow these simple steps.

  1. Send an SMS to 28882 with the following message "Broadband Weekly" or "Broadband Daily" depending on the subscription you want.
  2. You will then receive an SMS back saying "Enjoy 7days of unlimited usage @ only RM20.To confirm yr subscription, type Broadband Yes & send to 28882.RM20 will be charged to yr account upon confirmation."
  3. So then

    all you need to do is send another SMS to 28882 with the following message "Broadband Yes". This will deduct 20RM from the account which you just added and you will have 1 week of Broadband access.

Other things you should know.

  • Send the following message to 2888 "Bal" to check the balance in your account. You will get a reply with the following format. "Balance #yournumber: RM0.00, valid until 14/04/10, tariff plan DataOnly."
  • To check on your subscription status, type "Broadband Status" and send to 28882. This will then trigger an SMS to be sent to you that looks similar to this "Your Broadband Weekly subscription is active and will expire on 14/04/2010 09:11. Please renew your subscription for uninterrupted usage. Thank you" .

Most of the USB modems come with software that allow you to SMS so you don't even need to pull the SIM card out of the USB Modem you can do all of this with the built in SMS program, so no need to muck around with crappy little phone letters etc :). I hope this post is useful for anyone travelling to Malaysia and wanting to connect to the internet at their own pace at a very reasonable price. Cheers, Colin

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