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How to change payment method on itunes

how to change payment method on itunes

Changing iTunes Account Details

By Sam Costello. iPhone/iPod Expert

Sam Costello has been writing about technology since 2000. He has published articles with, PC World, InfoWorld, and Computerworld, among others. For those magazines and websites, he covered digital copyright, the rise and fall of Napster, mobile devices, and computer and network security. He has written about PDAs, monitors, and printers for Samsung's consumer websites.

Author of My iPad for Kids (2012), published by Que Publishing.

Last Updated: April 15, 2015

Your iTunes account contains a lot of information about you. It's got your address, your credit card number, the country you live in, and the Apple ID that you use for purchases. You probably added that information to your account and then forgot it was there, which is how it's supposed to work.

But if you move, change banks, or make some other change that affects this information, you need to update your iTunes account  so that it will continue to work.

The process you use to do this depends on what you need to edit.

To change your iTunes credit card information, billing address, or country, follow these steps:

  1. Open the iTunes program on your desktop or laptop computer
  2. Click

    the Account drop down in the top right of iTunes (if you're logged in, this menu will show your first name)

  3. Click Account Info
  4. You may be asked to enter your Apple ID password. If you are, do so
  5. You'll be taken to your main iTunes account screen, which contains all of the basic information about you and your account
  6. To change the credit card you use for iTunes and App Store purchases, find the Payment Type row and click Edit. On the next screen, enter your new credit card information and click Done
  7. To change your billing address. find the Billing Address row and click Edit. On the next screen, enter your new address and click Done  
  8. To change the country or region you're in (this determines which country's version of the iTunes Store you access; different countries have their own stores and their own content), find the Country/Region row and click Change Country or Region (if you have an iTunes Match subscription, you may need to cancel it before you can proceed). Follow the instructions on the next screen and click Done .

Want to change the email address or password you use for your Apple ID? Continue on to the next page.

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