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Dec 20, 2014 The Dance-O-Mat (Location No.4)

Dec 20, 2014 The Dance-O-Mat (Location No.4)

The Dance-O-Mat is a coin operated dance floor that anyone can use. A coin-operated ex-laundromat washing machine powers four speakers which surround a custom-made dance floor.

8am – 10pm daily

To use the Dance-O-Mat, bring any device with a headphone jack such as an Ipod, phone or Mp3 player and plug it into the converted washing machine, insert $2 to activate the power and get dancing! (Full instructions are located below).  If you need to charge

Gap Filler created this project to respond to the lack of spaces for dance post-quake and bring people, life and energy back to the central city. Thousands of people have used the Dance-O-Mat, even Prince Charles and Camilla in November 2012 on their Royal Jubilee tour. With dancing ranging from salsa to flamenco, break dance, swing, ceroc, belly dancing, random all-ages discos and the SUPERHERO DANCE SQUAD, Dance-O-Mat brought many smiles to people’s faces, right up against the red zone. Local choreographers and teachers also used the floor to work out in the open with their students.

The Dance-O-Mat was first located on a vacant site in 2012 and has occupied three different gaps in the city since then. This project in its first iteration was extremely successful, getting 600 hours of use at our best guess (based on the $2 coins collected) across 3 months. It currently shares the vacant site on the corner of Gloucester and Colombo Streets with Julia Morrison’s artwork Tree Houses for Swamp Dwellers which was commissioned by CCC and realised as part of

SCAPE 2013. The team and a crew of volunteers have worked really hard to get the floor back in time for Christmas (2013). We’ve had people asking us for weeks when it’s coming it, so we know people are keen to see it back! This is Gap Filler’s Christmas present to the city.

Special thanks to Jacob Stanley for this wonderful footage of the Dance-O-Mat …

DANCE-O-MAT meets the SUPERHERO DANCE SQUAD – One of our favourite uses of our DANCE-O-MAT!

How can I use it?

The Dance-O-Mat is available for use between 8am and 10pm daily based on CCC noise regulations which change at 10pm.

Bring an Ipod/MP3 player/smart phone (anything with a headphone jack) and plug it in to the washing machine. Put $2 in the slot on the machine and this activates the power for 30 minutes. Then press play and get dancing!

If you need to charge your device, you can make us of the solar charge table next to the dance floor.

We ask that if you wish to hold a performance or large event, please email us first Events for more than 50 people will need to be OKd with Gap Filler first as we have a responsibility to the landowner to take proper care of the site.

Like all Gap Filler projects, this one is a bit of an experiment. If you happen to have any comments/questions/feedback or notice anything you think we should know about, please email: We think Dance-O-Mat is super-cool and we hope you do too. Please help us to take care of it and treat it with respect.

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