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How to check my sss contributions

how to check my sss contributions

You have reached the Selective Service System from outside the United States. Due to heightened security requirements, registration is only accessible in a fillable pdf format.

Men, U.S. citizens ages 18 through 25, living outside the United States or its territories, may also register with Selective Service System through their U.S. consulate or embassy.

To register from abroad, complete the fillable pdf registration form below, print, sign, and mail to address provided on the form.

Privacy Act Statement

The Military Selective Service Act, Selective Service regulations, and the President's Proclamation on Registration require that you provide the indicated information, including your Social Security Account Number. The principal purpose of the required information is to establish or verify your registration with the Selective Service System. This information may be furnished to other government agencies for the stated purposes on a selective basis.

Department of Justice - to review and process suspected violations of the Military Selective Service Act, or perjury, and for defense of a civil action arising from administrative processing under such Act.

Bureau of Census - for the purposes of planning or carrying out a census or survey or related activity pursuant to the provisions of Title 13.

Department of State & U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services - to collect and evaluate data to determine a person's eligibility for the entry/re-entry into the United

States and for U.S. citizenship.

Department of Defense & U.S. Coast Guard - to exchange data concerning registration, classification, induction, and examination of registrants and for identification of prospects for recruiting.

Department of Labor - to assist veterans in need of data concerning reemployment rights, and to determine eligibility for benefits under the Workforce Investment Act.

Department of Education - to determine eligibility for student financial assistance.

Office of Personnel Management & U.S. Postal Service - to determine eligibility for employment.

Department of Health and Human Services - to determine a person's proper Social Security Account Number for location parents pursuant to the Child Support Enforcement Act.

State and Local Governments - to provide data which may constitute evidence and facilitate the enforcement of state or local law.

Alternative Service Employers - to exchange information with employers regarding a registrant who is a conscientious objector for the purpose of the placement and supervision of performance of alternative service in lieu of induction into military service.

General Public - Registrant's Name, Selective Service Number, Date of Birth and Classification (Military Selective Service Act, Section 6, 50 U.S.C. App. 456h).

Failure to provide the required information may violate the Military Selective Service Act. Conviction for such a violation may result in imprisonment for up to five years and/or a fine not to exceed $250,000.

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