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Filing a Dispute/Claim with PayPal for an eBay auction

how to claim a paypal payment

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Buyers can file a claim for Item Not Received (INR) or Significantly Not As Described (SNAD) with eBay by going to the closed auction while signed into the eBay site & clicking on the "report the item as not received" link in the page header shown here:

If your payment was made through PayPal, the filing process will carry you over to the PayPal site, there's no need to file in 2 places. Buyers can also file from this eBay Help Page.

Typically, buyers cannot file a claim until 10 have past from the auction end, however if the buyer has received a notice from eBay saying the seller has been suspended and the item has been removed from the eBay site the buyer should file immediately on the PayPal site through the PayPal Security Center. Go to the PayPal site & click on the Security Center link at the top of the page then click on the 'File a Transaction Dispute" link as shown here:

The first stage of the dispute process is a 20 day communication forum between the buyer & seller. If a buyer is not satisfied with the communication stage, the buyer can escalate the dispute to a a claim at anytime. The seller can escalate the

dispute to a claim at anytime as well. If the buyer doesn't escalate the dispute to a claim within the 20 days allotted, the dispute is closed forever & the buyer cannot reopen the dispute/claim. Buyers should be aware that sellers CAN refund a buyer in the dispute/claim process without the buyer having to close the dispute/claim, do NOT let a seller convince you to close it.

When a buyer files a Dispute/Claim PayPal only freezes the amount of the claim in the sellers account (if available) if it's over $100. If the buyer files a Credit Card Chargeback the amount if held no matter how much it is.

All eBay auctions that offer PayPal have PayPal Buyer Protection, there are 2 levels of coverage.

If your planning on you buying an item that is over $200 you should make sure the auction has the top tier $2000 coverage. If for example you purchase an item for $500 & the auction displayed the $200 coverage and a claim was filed, you would only be guaranteed $200 for recovery. If you paid for your purchase with a Credit or Debit Card through PayPal, once the claim was closed you can file with your Credit/Debit Card company for the amount you did not recover.

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