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how to claim dental expenses

Last updated 3 July 2015

The Department of Human Services (DHS), Medicare processes claims for health providers on behalf of DVA. You can claim using a payment method that suits you.

Welcome to Webclaim

Webclaim is a free service designed primarily to help dental, optical and allied health providers who only have a small number of DVA clients.

DVA Webclaim lets you lodge dental, optical and allied health claims (hospital and community nursing claims can not be lodged through this channel) and will provide instant responses to most claims. You can also access online payment statements for processed claims.

What do I need as a provider?

To access DVA Webclaim, health professionals need a Medicare provider number, an individual Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate and a computer with an internet connection.

If you have a current Medicare provider number you can apply for your Individual PKI Key through the Department of Human Services PKI page. Just follow the steps and fill out your Application for a PKI Certificate Form (PDF 183 KB). Once you have your Individual PKI Key then you are ready to commence DVA Webclaim.

If you have an individual PKI certificate which has lapsed you can call Department of Human Services eBusiness on:1800 700 199.

DVA Webclaim is available on the Department of Human Services (DHS) Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) portal .

Where can get help with DVA Webclaim?

HPOS Technical Support enquiries: Phone: 1800 700 199: or email:

Billing, banking and claim enquiries: Phone: 1300 550 017.

Need to update or register your banking details with the Department of Human Services?

Fill out the Provider registration for Electronic Funds Transfer payments form and return it to DHS.

Medicare online claiming

DVA offers online claiming through Medicare Online Claiming. This method is paperless, fast and efficient. Ask your software vendor for the latest version to maximise the benefits of electronic claiming.

Claim enquiries

For more information about the claim process, phone 1800 700 199, (option 3 then option 1), or email Current fee schedules are also available.

Manual claiming

Follow your current processes and mail your treatment vouchers to the address below for processing.

Allied Health Services send claims for payments to:

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