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eBay- Business Equipment Purchase Protection program: How to file a claim

how to claim payment on ebay

The Business Equipment Purchase Protection (BEPP) program covers your purchase of capital equipment in case of deliberate fraud or misrepresentation by the seller. If you've reviewed the coverage and eligibility requirements, and you believe the Business Equipment Purchase Protection program can help you, then follow these steps to file a claim.

Timeline: You have 3 days from your receipt of the item to either contact the seller in writing or file your claim. Your claim must be filed no more than 45 days after the listing end date. The exceptions to this rule are stolen items and items with undisclosed liens. In those cases, you have up to 6 months from the listing end date to file a claim.

Communicate with the seller.

Contact your seller and try resolving things before taking any further steps. Doing so usually solves the problem since most sellers address buyer complaints quickly and fairly.

Submit a claim

To submit a claim under the BEPP program, fill out the BEPP form. The third-party provider will investigate and process your claim—generally in no longer than 30-45 days. You and your seller will be contacted directly about the outcome.

While your claim is being processed, don't discard, alter, or resell any merchandise related to your claim.

We'll notify the seller

We'll send a copy of your complaint to the seller by email. Your seller will have the opportunity to respond to your complaint, which might help resolve the problem.

Keep communicating

We offer options based on the details of the incident so you can communicate with the seller to resolve the issue. However, in some instances, the case might be better handled by the Better Business Bureau.

If you're unable to resolve your complaint after communicating with the seller, you'll receive an email with a claim form and instructions.

Work with the third-party provider

While your claim is being processed, be sure to follow any steps outlined by the third-party provider. Any failure to follow the steps, as outlined by the third-party provider, and any action taken without the third-party provider's consent that impairs the third-party provider's ability or rights to mitigate any potential loss, will void coverage under the Business Equipment Purchase Protection program.

Other terms

eBay reserves the right to change the terms of the Business Equipment Purchase Protection program at any time.

In cases of undisclosed damage, the third-party provider will instruct you on how to substantiate and document the damage. You'll be required to provide repair estimates from at least 2 properly licensed repair facilities, OEM service divisions, or other industry experts as approved by the third-party provider. You must obtain and submit to the third-party provider an estimate for the repair of any damage included in your claim within 14 days from the date the claim was filed. Failure to do so in the appropriate time frame will void coverage under the Business Equipment Purchase Protection program.

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