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How to clean corroded coins

how to clean corroded coins

heres the deal,don't clean your coins! Now that that has been said heres what I do.For silver coins I use a cleaner called Never Dull it comes in a Blue Tin can and you can get it at the hardware store.Whats neat about this stuff is that its cotton soaked with cleaner and you can do your coin a little at a time until its as cleaned up as much as you want it to be.Not like other things that go right to super shiney with silver which looks dumb on old coins.

For coppers that are in pretty good shape I use a soak in olive oil and then a old tooth brush after a week lightly.If the copper is weak then just water and very light fingers.If you go too tough you will lose all detail right off it in your

fingers.If things are real tough and you got nothin to lose then its warm Peroxcide and a tooth brush.Try this one slowly as there is a learning curve.

Last resort is a Potato yes you heard me.You take the coin and push it into a potato and leave it there for two days take it out rinse it and push it back in in another spot and keep doing it.You will be amased.Takes off big crud.The down side is it will turn your copper coin Orange but this is cured with a product called Dells Darkner then the coin will be back to the normal color and be rid of the big crud stuck to it.

Do Not Clean Your Coins.


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