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Meet me in Bali at the Screw Work Digital Nomad meetup

A new way of working that became practical only a few years ago has now become an entire movement.

I'm talking about the Digital Nomad movement - a growing horde of people deliberately setting up their worklife so that they can live anywhere in the world.

When I first spent a month working from Bali just 4 years ago there were relatively few people living and working remotely. Now there are entrepreneurial retreats, Digital Nomad workspaces. and even online Digital Nomad directories .

There are no set rules about what being a nomad means  - move to a foreign country permanently as a friend of mine did to run his app development business from Chiang Mai in Thailand, trip from country to country every few months, or my version of Nomad-lite where I spend much of my time in London but take a couple of months each year in Asia to escape the British weather.

Last month I ran a private-invite Marketing Intensive for just a handful of people and it was interesting to note that every one of the participants had a business that could be location independent.

In a few weeks I'll be travelling to Bali again to witness how it has become a Digital Nomad hub.  I'll be meeting up with Roger Hamilton and I'll be dropping in to give talks at the entrepreneurial retreat Project Getaway and the co-working adventure that Tribewanted Bali  have named "Silicon Rice Paddy".

The Bali Digital Nomad Meetup

The centre of the Bali Digital Nomad community is Ubud so I'll be spending my first 3 weeks there. And I've decided to get as many Screw Work fans and digital nomads together for an evening on the 12th October to meet each other, have a drink, and discuss our favourite topics of doing what you love, where you love.

If you're based in Bali, or you're going to be passing through, or can get there, do come along.

I've just set up an event on the Screw Work Facebook page. Click the image below to RSVP if you can come (or if you're a maybe):

And if you can't make it in October, see if there is a way you could spend time in one of the Digital Nomad hubs around the world and plug into a different way to live and work.

Posted by John on August 13th, 2015

How to start a business in 60 minutes

It's easy to imagine that starting a new income stream or business is a slow and laborious thing to do. However that does not have to be the case.

You can now set yourself up to promote something to the whole world in just an hour or so – whether it’s your skills, writing, photography, products, event, or music.

That’s because there is a huge range of online tools available to help you start your business faster than you ever imagined possible. And many of them are very affordable or even free.

It’s like a giant toybox just waiting for you to dive in!

No website yet? No traffic? No problem!

If you don’t yet have a website – or you have one but its total weekly visitors would all fit in a London cab – it’s

easy to see this as a roadblock to getting started. But we're going to sidestep that entire issue by looking at how you can start your own thing without needing your own site with lots of traffic.

Imagine having a huge audience ready and eager to buy exactly what you can offer. Sound good? Well that’s what is available for you right now. Here’s the trick: instead of marketing yourself on your own site that attracts nothing but tumbleweeds, promote yourself on a third-party marketplace which people are visiting every minute of every day searching for what you’re providing.

There are marketplace and community sites for every possible kind of product, service or experience you can offer. Here are some examples.

Selling your skills as a freelancer

  • If your business idea revolves around skills you already have from your previous career (or that you’ve been developing on the side) you can promote them on a freelance marketplace today. Sites like and make an ideal showcase for any skills you have in design, photography, translation, web development, social media, marketing and business support. You can post a profile and then search for projects needing help and submit proposals. has 16 million users who have posted a total of 8 million projects so far so there’s no shortage of work but you’ll need to show that you have something of real value to bring to a project to win it.
  • For a more playful take on selling services check out People registered on the site will record a movie trailer-style voiceover, draw a cartoon, design a logo, transcribe an interview, or sing a personalised ring tone for $5 and up. As the bargain basement of freelance marketplaces, Fiverr can be a fun place to experiment with charging for something you’ve only previously done as a hobby.
  • If you want to sell your services to other businesses (eg as a consultant or trainer) and you don’t have a website yet, just create a profile on LinkedIn so that you can give its address to people interested in your work. You can also invite others into your network, write blog posts within the site to share your expertise, and join groups to communicate with others in your field.

Running events

  • If you have an idea for a live event. is designed exclusively for that very task and has 22 million users across 180 countries. That means there could be up to a million people searching for events on any one day. The site is ideal for launching a free or low-cost event for the general public and can even take ticket payments for you. There is enormous value in running an event that places a whole group of your target market in the same room with you, even if the event itself makes little money. You can build a community and get to know their concerns and desires, you’ll be seen as a leader in your field, and you’ll have opportunity to promote your work.
  • If you want to start really low key – for example just to get some people together who might be interested in getting involved with your business – just post an event on Facebook and invite all your contacts to RSVP.

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