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How to create a US iTunes account without a SA Credit Card

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Many of you might have noticed that after buying an iPad/iPhone and creating an iTunes account to access the Apple App Store that there are limited apps available and that you can’t even download the world famous Angry Birds games. WTF! For some reason they have blocked all those wonderful apps and games from us South Africans. Assholes!

People then started to Google this and found that if you’re in the US App Store, you can download Angry Birds for example and MANY other great apps which are not available in the South African App Store. People then tried to create a US Itunes account but when they put in their South African Credit Card details, they got a message saying your SA Credit Card is not valid. So they blocked your SA Credit card and they also check your address. So you can’t type in your South African address.

Now, there’s a loop hole for this and here’s what you do:

Open your iTunes and sign out of your SA account.

Scroll right to the bottom and click on the South African flag.

On the next screen you will have flags of many countries. Click on the American flag.

This will open the American iTunes store.

At the top click on App Store and then on the right of your screen there are these columns called paid apps, free apps etc.

Under the block that says “Free apps”, click on the first free app in that list.

This will open a popup where you either need to sign in with your iTunes account or Create a new iTunes account. Click on create a new iTunes account. On the next screen click continue to create your iTunes account and then accept the terms and conditions.

If you used your main email address for your SA iTunes account, you will unfortunately need to use a different email address for this one. Then choose your password, enter a security question and answer, data of birth and click continue.

Now on the next screen choose “None” as your payment option otherwise they will pick up from your credit card details that you’re South African and send you back to the SA store. Next is where you go to Google Maps and search for a McDonald’s in Los Angeles or a Beverley Hills Hotel and use that address. You have to use an American address otherwise they’ll send you back to the SA store. Then click “Create Apple ID” and that’s it. Verify your email address by clicking on the link they sent you and you’re done.

Now here’s how you buy Apps from the US app store

You go to any of the following sites:

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