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How to Create the Ultimate Despicable Me Minion Themed Kids Room

If your kids are looking to add a little minion fun to their bedroom decor, then take a look at these ideas that will give them the fun look they are seeking without going completely overboard, like the photo above.

Color Palette

Before you go online and buy every Despicable Me/Minion bed set, night light and other bedroom related decor items it is important to realize that your kids taste is likely to change faster than you can say Bee-Do. By sticking with a color theme you can get the “minion look” without overspending. The Minion color palette is easy to follow. To stick with the theme, focus on using shades of blue, yellow, and grey.


Unless you want to walk in to your child’s room everyday and be greeted by an huge set of goggles with beady eyes each morning then I suggest going with a fun curtain that can remain in your child’s room long after this minion craze passes. Here are some fun options:

1) Yellow Chevron Buy Here 2) Not a Peep Yellow Strip Buy Here 3) Color Edge Yellow Buy Here 4) Color Edge Blue Buy Here 5) Color Edge Grey Buy Here


By choosing a few main Minion pieces, like this chair, you can get tie together the theme of the room while creating a comfy spot to relax or hang with friends. You can buy this chair

from Toys R Us Here.


If you don’t want commit to going with a full Despicable Me 2 sheet set than one fun pillow is a good option. The reversible pillow cover below is available on Amazon for $13.99 .

Wall Decals

Wall decals are a a great non-permanent way to stay up to date with your child’s favorite movies. While there are countless DM2 decal options, this one that doubles as a growth chart really stood out to me.This tower of Minions has Tom, Carl, Jerry, Kevin, and Phil balancing together to create a structure perfect for measuring your child’s growth. You can buy it here for $36.49

In addition to the aforementioned decor ideas you can also consider over-sized plush toys,  lamp shades and other simple inexpensive items. Decorating your child’s room should be a fun experience, for all parties involved. Fore additional help check out A Win Win Strategy for Decorating Your Child’s Room.

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