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how to declare dividends

Dividend Policy

After investments in new business to generate organic growth, capital generation in Aegon's operating subsidiaries is available for distribution to the holding company, while maintaining a capital and liquidity position in the operating subsidiaries in line with Aegon's capital management and liquidity risk policies.

Aegon uses cash flows from the operating subsidiaries to pay for holding expenses, including funding costs. The remaining cash flow is available to execute Aegon's strategy and to fund dividends on its shares, subject to maintaining the holding company targeted excess capital. Depending on circumstances, future prospects and other considerations, Aegon may deviate from this target. Aegon will also take capital position, financial flexibility, leverage ratios and strategic considerations into account when declaring or proposing dividends on its common shares.

Under normal circumstances, Aegon would expect to declare an interim dividend when announcing its second quarter results and to propose a final dividend at the annual General Meeting of Shareholders for approval. Dividends would normally be paid in cash or stock at the election of the shareholder. The relative value of cash and stock dividends may vary. Stock dividends paid may, subject to capital management and other considerations, be repurchased in order to limit dilution.

When determining whether to declare or propose a dividend, Aegon has to balance prudence versus offering an attractive return to shareholders, for example in adverse economic and/or financial market conditions. Also, Aegon's operating subsidiaries are subject to (local) insurance regulations which could restrict dividends to be paid to the holding company. There is no requirement or assurance that Aegon will declare and pay any dividends.

Interim Dividend

EUR: 0.12 per common share

USD: 0.134196

Shareholders can elect to receive the interim 2015 dividend either entirely in cash (minus 15% withholding tax) or entirely in new common shares to be paid out of the share premium reserve (free of withholding tax in the Netherlands).

2015 interim dividend stock fraction

The value of the stock dividend is approximately equal to the cash dividend. The number of shares (stock fraction) will be based on the average share price on Euronext Amsterdam from September 7 through September 11, 2015. The stock dividend ratio will be announced on September 15, 2015.

Share buyback program

Aegon intends to neutralize the dilutive effect of the stock dividend on earnings per share. Further details will be made available on our Share Buyback page .

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