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How to design a challenge coin

how to design a challenge coin

Create your own custom challenge coins.

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Here is where I will add some content to see who is paying attention. creates custom coins. Coins can be made from metal, wood, or plastic. We can even create these coins in different shapes and sizes. Let's try to break down the classification of coins: First we have high quality coins, coins made of precious metals that would include .999 fine silver and 24K gold. These coins are highly labor intensive. First as all coin creations, artwork must first be prepared before dies are cut. Yet there are many other processes the artwork will go through before the dies are made. First the colored artwork will be turned into black and white artwork. From this black and white drawing 2D metal or raised metal

will be cut into the master die. For 3D or high relief/bas relief a plaster mold is made. This is done by hand using the skills of a master craftsmen. After the plaster cast is created, a rubber invereted mold is made. A plastic resin then fills the rubber mold. After the resin sets it can then be placed on a reducing machine cutting this design into the master die. Once a set of master dies are created one more set is made that is used in production of the precious metal coins. Each coin is struck twice to ensure a mirror proof-like finish. These coins are not colored, just plain metal. Second we have challenge coins. Challenge coins are made in a similar fashion with less labor involved. After the coinable artwork is created, the vector artwork is sent to a die maker. The die making process is all done by hand for challenge coins. From cutting the 3D designs directly into the master mold the the text. Challenge coins are only struck one time. Challenge coins are cheaper to make because they use either brass or copper as a base metal.

There are several options to add to the apperance of challenge coins, you can choose different metal finishes:

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