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How to Get Your Money Back With The Visa Debit Chargeback Scheme

how to do a chargeback

November 11th, 2008 • 51 Comments By Vince Wong

Here’s a brief on how to claim your money back when using a Visa Debit card: The newly implemented Visa Debit Chargeback scheme is just what the name implies; a consumer protection plan that guarantees a refund when you do not receive proper goods or services. 

Just as Section 75 protects your credit cards, with a Visa Debit you have 120 days to file a chargeback claim with your card issuer if you are the victim of fraud or if your seller doesn’t deliver.  The only problem with this line of action is that call centre employees are still learning about the

scheme, so they may tell you that you don’t have the consumer coverage when in fact you do. A spokesperson for Visa said,

“The word ‘Chargeback’ is sometimes not recognised because the process has only recently begun to be used widely by consumers. If someone does have an issue with call centre or branch staff, they should persevere with their claim by asking to speak to a supervisor.”

It also doesn’t help that most call centres are no where near the UK, and that the terms for most bank visa cards differ. If you wish to learn more you, read this thread on the Consumer Action Group. detailing the process further.

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