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How do i calculate a car payment

how do i calculate a car payment

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Sober Sam is a designated driver service supporting the Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia areas. Our goal is to safely drive you and your car home while saving you the dangers of driving while intoxicated. If you find yourself in the situation where you cannot drive, simply call Sober Sam at 856-520-5679 and we will drive you and your car home safely.

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Changes Are Coming To Sober Sam

January 28th, 2015

There are changes being made to Sober Sam. This will help us move in the correct direction. We will be able to reach more people and expand our reach to many others who we want to help protect and keep safe from the dangers of drinking and driving.  We still need your help and understanding as we move forward. We are the premier designated service in South Jersey in our sixth year.

Some things that we are changing are mileage price increase, trial run for our pilot membership program, featured bar list, new and improved website on the horizon along with a mobile app to make reaching out for a ride a whole lot more simple.

We are increasing our mileage rate from $3 up to $4 but our initial price will remain the same. That is the only bad news.

Sober Sam will also be starting a pilot membership program which will be designed to help combat our price increase for certain people. This will maintain a discounted rate for those who use our service regularly. Also will be for friends of Sober Sam.

We are also going to make a featured bar list for establishments who have come to depend on our service  which will also keep our rates at a freeze for these bars and their patrons.

All of this we be included on our new and improved website, which will be coming soon. Along with the new and improved website  we are currently in the process of designing a mobile app to make requesting a Sober Sam ride far more simple and convenient.

We will continually move forward and make progress to improve our service to reach many more people with our main goal of keeping you, your family and friends, and our local streets safer. Thank you

for your continued support of Sober Sam and the dedicated staff who sacrifice their nights and weekends to help friends and strangers alike get home safely with your vehicle and without a DUI.

Sober Sam Holiday Hours and Pricing

December 11th, 2013

We will be open everyday. Certain dates we will have limited hours. These dates are as follows:

12/24 ( Christmas Eve )- We will be open from 6pm until midnight.

12/25 ( Christmas Day )- We will open from 6pm until at least midnight. Hours may be extended if necessary.

12/31 ( New Years Eve ) Office hours from 12 noon until 6pm and will reopen after midnight. Reservations only.

1/1/14 ( New Years Day* ) 12 am until all reservations are filled and satisfied.

*This is primarily a reservation day and will try to accept last minute calls from regular. year round friends of Sober Sam and/or if a team is available via cancellation or efficiency. We will do our best to get all who need it. We can not make any guarantees to be available unless you have a reservation.

To make a reservation please call 856-520-5679.

Pricing for 12/24, 12/25, and 12/31 (before midnight) is $30 for the first 3 miles and $2.00 a mile for each additional mile.

Pricing for 1/1/2014 New Years (Eve) after midnight.nbsp; Reservations only. $60 for the first 5 miles and $2.00 each additional mile.

Pricing does NOT include gratuities which are accepted and appreciated.

Our staff dedicates their night’s, weekend’s, and holiday’s year round to help serve friends and strangers alike to get home safe and DUI free. Please show them your appreciation whichever way you feel necessary.

Thank you for your support! We hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday season!

We also would like to send a giant THANK YOU to all the police. firefighters, and EMT’s along with all bartenders, servers, and people in the restaurant and bar industry for their dedication this holiday season as well. They also work along side us in our efforts and go unnoticed and under appreciated too often.nbsp; Thank you to all your dedication and support!



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