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How to do coin magic tricks

"Learning magic isn't easy. there's just too much information out there these days. And, it's mighty expensive — just ONE trick could cost hundreds of dollars alone!

"This 'Learn Easy Magic' collection from Bryan Dean is probably one of the BEST ways for anyone to learn some truly AMAZING magic tricks. They are easy-to-do, fun and entertaining.

"And, this set covers it all: cards, money magic, ESP/mental magic and magic with ordinary objects. And, it's really great magic, too! (This isn't the stuff you get in your local bookstore or at online magic shops -- this is PERFECT for the beginning magician or someone who just wants to learn a few tricks to show off!

"I have a magic book collection numbering in the hundreds. And, I am proud to add this 'Learn Easy Magic' set of ebooks to my library! Great job, Bryan. and thanks!"

John Cassidy. Professional Magician/Comedian

"If you want to WOW your friends at a party or become a serious magician, Bryan Dean's Learn Easy Magic is a great place to start!

"Learn card magic, money magic, mind-reading, and so much more.

The tricks are fantastic! Bryan's books will give you enough great routines to amaze any audience, and you will have so much fun performing them. Bryan even recommends additional books and magizines to continue in the amazing world of magic.

Don't waste anymore time, order them today!"

Hi Bryan,

I am truly amazed how easy your magic was to learn! I tried to learn

magic in the past, but I could only find a few lame tricks.

"The magic in your Learn Easy Magic books was just what I was looking for!

T. Quinn. Boston, MA

"I purchased Bryan Dean's Learn Easy Magic e-books and less than an hour later I was actually performing mind-bending, jaw-dropping, eye-popping tricks like I was David Blaine.

My friends are still talking about the party where I amazed the whole room! And, I never performed magic before this!

Why couldn't I find this information before this? It's so easy and I was able do that Ghost trick at a party the next day! (I was the hit of the party, by the way!)


Mark Brigston. Tullytown, PA

"I have known Bryan Dean for years — since the early days of MagicTalk — and these Learn Easy Magic books are a wonderful way for anyone to learn amazing magic to entertain their friends, kids and co-workers!

Bryan's Learn Easy Magic series is excellent magic! Quick to learn, easy to do, and well worth your time investment!."

— Paul W. Draper. Professional Magician & Mentalist

Las Vegas, Nevada

"This really IS the best set of magic tricks I've been able to find. I congratulate you on putting together such an amazing product.

All of the magic inside was so easy for me to learn and I was performing your magic within minutes. Thanks again, Bryan!"

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