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How To Unfreeze a Frozen Ipad Safari Browser

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Today’s Tip: How To Unfreeze a Frozen Ipad Safari Browser

Do you have the Ipad?  If you do then you are probably using the IPad’s Safari browser.  The Safari browser can get frozen and it can be a very frustrating event to fix… unless you know how.  You can try to power down and turn it back on.  You can try to go to the settings and clear your cookies, cache, history.  You can push all the buttons at once in frustration as you try to reset your Ipad’s safari browser.  But none of it works.  But there is a way to unfreeze your frozen Ipad web browser.  Here is how:

1.  Open the Safari webpage that is frozen.  Once that is on your screen go to step 2.

2.  If you are holding the Ipad the long way (so it looks like a book), on the top right of your IPad is the power button.  What you need to do now is hold down that power button for a few seconds.  A “slide” will open up on your screen.

3.  Do not slide the “slide”.  Instead, now you should hold down the “home” button on your Ipad.  The home button is that little circle button underneath the bottom of your IPad screen.

4.  After 5 to 10 seconds your screen will be on your regular desktop home page.  Now, try clicking that Safari browser and see if it opens and works and all is well.  I bet it does!

Good Luck & Enjoy

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