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How to do the derivative

how to do the derivative

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Named "The St. Jude of the Joints" by Harvard School of Medicine clinicians

and the Academy of Functional Exercise Medicine - School of Healthy Medicine

Hello , You are on the Fix Neck Pain page of my web site ( My work is evidence-based primary-source sports medicine methods that you can use yourself, right away, to make your life better. There are hundreds of articles here on my web site. These are summaries, with a wealth of knowledge still to give. See me for appointments and classes and read my books for more.

On This page. You can start fixing your own pain yourself, now, today using this summary. Don't wait. This article shows you how to understand and stop several major mechanical causes of neck and upper body pain, and learn healthy

ways to move so that you do not get the pain in the first place. That is different than doing stretches or exercises to stop symptoms, then return to the same bad movement that causes or continues the pain. You can enjoy your favorite activities instead of giving them up.

Not All Exercise is Good Medicine. I show you how to change daily movement and exercise into Healthy Medicine. It's not health care if it's not healthy. Much cost, time, and worry currently spent in medical treatments are unnecessary, and often unhealthful. Welcome to my Health Care Reform School™- I call it Fixa U™ . I have developed information through years of research in the lab, and put it here on my web site for the benefit of the world. Get better and the world will be better.

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