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St. Nicholas Coins

Two designs; two sizes; gold or colored—

Print as stickers or on regular paper to cut-out

Make your own St. Nicholas chocolate coins using our printable PDF patterns. There are two designs available as both gold (like real coins) and full color. They are also in two sizes. Print on sticker paper (easy to use!) or on regular paper to cut out and attach.

The St. Nicholas circles fit Madelaine Chocolate Company's large (1½ inch diameter) and medium (1 1/8 inch diameter) coins.

These coins are made in America and taste very good. It is important to have good tasting chocolate from Saint Nicholas! They are available in local candy stores and in

bulk online.

To make St. Nichols coins

    • Decide which design and size you need; sticker or plain paper

    • Print desired PDF sheets, see below 

       (choose sticker paper or use bright inkjet paper and choose best quality printing)

    •  Put stickers on coins or

    • Carefully cut circles out

       (cutting is a little tedious)

    • Attach circles to chocolate coins with dry roll-on adhesive

       (easy and not messy)

PDF files to print on sticker paper

Print stickers for large coins  (1½-inch) on Avery 8293 Matte White High Visibility Labels (package with 20 sheets/400 labels). Available from Amazon. Sticker sheets are 8½x11-inches and should print without difficulty.

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