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Do it.

You can put your funky ideas together … piece by piece.

Peace by piece.

Some people really don’t know how to act their age instead of their shoe size.

As a blogger, we are  saddled  gifted with ideas becoming blog posts in our heads before  we even do the freaking idea.

It just happens like that. You think in ‘blog posts’.

It’s a bloggers disease bliss.   Bloggers elbow.

Truth.  Gospel idiotic blogger truth.

Then….oh then… comes the blogstipation.  Suddenly, you have the ideas but the words won’t land on your computer keyboard.

As a blogger, you never want to waste a word.

Then, oh then

an idea that you thought would go viral, collects dust on

your blogger shelf.  What a son of a bitch.  That’s not fair.  What up wit dat?

Next… An idea that you pulled out of your wahzoo becomes one of the most popular posts on your blog.   Wtf?  OMG.   I think I need a drink.

The mosaic backsplash was one of those ideas.  I didn’t really plan it.  I just did it.  I grabbed a crayon from the drawer one day and drew it.  I’m skilled with drawing stick men. so I figured this sketch was a no-brainer.  Somehow crayons are always in my drawers, even though all my kids stopped using them about a billion years ago.

Everyone loved the mosaic backsplash  (including myself, surprisingly) for a very long time.

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