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What to Eat on a Gluten Free Diet - The Week One Basics

Start off simple, with an Easy Gluten-Free Diet Plan that Makes Sense!

The Quick and Easy Gluten-Free Diet Jumpstart

M y name is Mary and, once upon a time, I was a 23 year-old newlywed–and I needed to learn how to bake some Gluten-Free Bread pronto! I was confident at first. After all, I had spent many evenings cooking with my mother and grandmother. Plus, I was armed with a brand new bread machine. So what could go wrong? I scoured the internet for Gluten-Free Bread recipes. (There weren’t too many to choose from at the time). And, I settled on

one that involved soaking Brown Rice overnight, grinding it, and then making bread dough from the mush. Yes, you read that correctly. Trust me–it came out bad.

But discovering one bread recipe was just the beginning. Eating gluten-free isn’t merely a matter of following the directions in a cookbook. It’s a way of life! (And a healthy one at that!) My husband and I created this website to help others who have decided to adopt a similar health-conscious lifestyle. Read on  as we share our journey with you. But for starters, let’s list a quick and easy menus that outlines what to eat on a gluten free diet .

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