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How to Eat Unprocessed Foods on a Budget

how to eat vegetarian on a budget

by Larissa Gedney

Unprocessed foods, such as fresh fruit, can fit into any budget.

Specials and Sales

Most grocery stores have a section of "manager's specials" containing items that have either been over-produced or are approaching their expiration dates. These sales are commonly seen with fresh meats, produce, fresh baked breads and dairy products. Be sure that you will use these items or are able to properly store them shortly after purchase so that they do not expire before you get a chance to eat them. Also, choose in-season produce, which often goes on sale during its peak season. Coupons for milk, yogurt and overall grocery costs -- for example, $5 off $50 or more -- are another tool that can help you stretch your dollar when purchasing unprocessed foods. In

addition, store brands of bread, dairy and meats often offer the same quality product as brand-name foods but for a much lower price.

Be Freezer-Friendly

Whole Grains

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