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How to fight Paypal Chargeback-when fraud has been committed by buyer against paypal

how to fight a chargeback


6/22/11 7:58 PM

How to fight Paypal Chargeback-when fraud has been committed by buyer against paypal.

I sold something via eBay (approximately $200) and chose paypal as method of payment. One month later, paypal charged me back stating owner of the credit card used to make payment has charged them back. I asked them how is it my fault since I shipped to a confirmed paypal address and the CSR told me that "you are wrong Sir" its still your responsibility in charge back situations. We will just make our good faith effort to fight the chargeback based on the information you have provided but ultimately it is your responsibility.

I always thought that I am protected against such events thats why I was using paypal to receive payments and paying them more than 3%. The buyer claims that he used the credit card with her gf's authorization who in turn was using her dad's credit card. The buyer has a 100% positive feedback with 321 ratings so I believe what he is saying but dont know what to do. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is the buyer's statement. I am changing names to protect their privacy for now.

"To Whom it may concern:

My name is M.N and I know both the authorized card holder’s of the discover card used to make these purchases.

Here is a summary that will explain the events that led

I am trying to get these chargeback’s rescinded because the merchandise arrived as ordered, works as intended and you are the victim of an orchestrated fraud: These charges were made by HB – daughter of GB who has initiated the chargeback’s of purchases made by a family member.

H bought the software and hardware to help me after my home burned down on Friday the 13th of May. H was my girlfriend and gave me $1,000 in cash and told H to use her card to get me whatever I needed to get my business running again. I own a small internet advertising firm and when my home office was destroyed I moved in with H and she replaced a lot of what I lost (nowhere near the $30,000 in real damages) but enough to stay in business including a Motorola Xoom Notebook, a lot of equipment purchased directly and she gave it all to me.

These are real charges she owes and it is BS."

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