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Bankruptcy Quick, Easy and Simple in Just 4 Steps!

Nick Thompson Bankruptcy Attorney

Gather the Documents

The below "Read More" Link goes to the documents you are required to give to the Court and explains what Trustees look for. Sarah scans them into pdf format. Gathering your documents takes about 2 hours.

Take Your Counseling

You must take a 2 hour counseling before filing. The below "Read More" link goes to the two best course providers! Informed clients save more than unprepared clients. Download or drop by for a free hard copy of our book!

Fill Out Your Intake

The below "Read More" link allows you to sign in for a 1-2 hour intake. We download the intake when you come in. If you have complete documents you may be able to file in just one trip!

Schedule appointment

Preparing your bankruptcy petition takes about 2 hours. After your discharge, we help update, and repair your credit to give you a life after bankruptcy. Schedule your consultations with Sarah today at 625-0903 9-5 M-F.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Louisville Kentucky

Don’t take our word for it. Avvo (ranks us 10 out of 10). Google (ranks us 5 out of 5). ranks us as one of the top three bankruptcy law offices in Louisville Kentucky. On Linkedin over 1000 other attorneys recommend us, connect with us and follow our posts. We limit ourselves to no more than 200 cases per year to insure the quality of our work.

We make sure filing bankruptcy at our office is not only effective but simple.

To file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy you only have to complete 4 steps:

  1. Documents have to be supplied to the Bankruptcy court.
  2. A Credit Counseling course has to be completed.
  3. We require you to complete a simple online intake listing your debts assets and budget.
  4. After you file you must attend the 341 hearing and complete a second course to get the permanent court order called a “discharge”. The stay order only temporarily stops creditors and you don’t get it at all if your lawyer improperly files.

You are not required but it is helpful to read our manual. You only have one chance at filing your case right. You may not stop a foreclosure if you file improperly or have to refile due to using an inexperienced attorney or paralegal. The manual helps you work with your attorney and plan how to eliminate income

taxes and manage foreclosures. Sometimes a debtor can strip judicial liens and second mortgages. In some cases a debtor can even discharge student loan debt. The educated client that works with the attorney can plan a strategy to discharge or manage much more debt than a person that is unprepared.

You can research information on our website using the upper right hand corner magnifying glass tool. The common questions you will be asked in court are under the bankruptcy tab. Nick Thompson has been dedicated to filing bankruptcy and foreclosure defense cases and teaching attorneys how to do it for over 25 years.

Nick is often chosen by Lorman and NBI seminars to train other attorneys how to bankrupt student loans, income taxes and defend foreclosures. Over 1000 bankruptcy lawyers follow and recommended him as the bankruptcy and foreclosure defense attorney on LinkedIn. Nick has filed over 4,000 bankruptcy and foreclosure defense cases since 1988.

As one attorney on Avvo put it ” I have known and known of attorney Nick Thompson for at least 15 years. In that time I have seen him and his practice of law evolve into that of the most knowledgeable and caring bankruptcy attorney I know. If you have a bankruptcy law question, or are faced with a foreclosure crisis of your own, Nick is your answer. Period. There just isn’t anyone better in the state, in my opinion.”

Ronald Burdge Ohio Lemon Auto Attorney

If you are looking for an experienced, effective bankruptcy attorney Nick is the attorney other attorneys and clients recommended on Avvo, Google, Threebestrated and Linkedin.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is primarily used for foreclosures, student loan, income tax problems and to protect assets and co-makers. If you have current medical debt but you will accrue more medical debt over the next year a Chapter 13 allows you to include all of it while the Chapter 13 is open and you may be able to convert the case to a Chapter 7 later. If you have filed a Chapter 7 within the last 8 years a Chapter 13 may be your only option. A Chapter 7 is used when the debtor has primarily unsecured debt and a small to average income and assets. Kentucky exemptions now allow you to keep four times more home equity than before the law changed. See us if you need help to stop your foreclosure or you need a Louisville Kentucky Bankruptcy or Foreclosure Attorney.

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